Sleepless in Salmiya

Isn’t he cute ?

I’m not able to sleep , i have become like a panda with black patches around my eyes . She was twisting and turning the whole night because AJ is kicking her all night . ( its amazing to see AJ do the twists inside her ) I tried my best to put her to sleep , raised her side of the bed , put pillow’s under, but she is not comfortable and not getting sleep ! So she kept me awake , she complained that i snored while she was restless , which i believe is pure evil eye on my sleep . So i had to wake up early . Being a Friday does no good anymore ! While you all guys are snoring to glory i am awake & yawning like a chimpanzee .I think my late night blogging days are over , gotta sleep early .

I believe at present her motto is ” I’m pregnant because of you ! so you must suffer too ” …. I love her !


8 comments on “Sleepless in Salmiya

  1. ahhh those black patches bro…dont worry soon you wont be able to sleep with crying voices,hehe…I hate snorers..:/ I cant take that…but sleep well these days…more sleepless nights are coming soon i guess 🙂

  2. Amu :Oh ! thats great ! i need sympathy and you are terrorizing me with future worry’s …Not helping Bro !

    Chika : Hmm ! Make him suffer more ha ? Why God Why ! why i have friends like these ?

    Shoush : I would gladly volunteered had they invented “Man can be pregnant thingy” . Seriously ! i cant see her suffering!

    Enigma : you too ?

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