Harvest Festival 2007

Harvest Festival 2007 (my first in 12 years) I reached late, but I enjoyed the best, so did Mrs Grey, she was excused from diet for a day so she munched all the meat she could lay hands.  BBQ8 was there too, My apologies to Blue for erasing the header for a day or two .


9 comments on “Harvest Festival 2007

  1. Amethyst : it was fun ! though i was there for the last hour it was good !

    Amu : Thanks Amu ! But dont you think marrying the same girl thrice is cruel ? He had to divorce her twice , that must be hard !

  2. lol grey, he didn’t divorce his wife, they were married in court, in church and the indian way… that’s what he means by 3 times.

  3. Mirror Polisher : Thanks ! It was fun ! Diwali at Salmiya and Harvest at Church ..lol !

    BB : Ok ! Thats how ! i thought it was kinda Liz Tylor and Richard Burton thing ! lol !

    Amu : I agree with your agree !

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