Goodbye KDD

KDD – Full Cream 1X4 Ltrs – KD1.600 fills
AlMarai – Long Life 1X4 Ltrs – KD 0.920 fills

Unless KDD cows have extra tits ! Why the differnce ?

Goodbye KDD . …. Taste is just state of mind … every penny counts !


17 comments on “Goodbye KDD

  1. *crosses KDD milk off her shopping list*

    KDD is my fav but I only drink chocolate milk.

    I heard the prices on a lot of items have increased.

  2. “Unless KDD cows have extra tits” LOL hahaha hilarious.
    Maybe they are mutated … or genetically modified.
    Supposedly the price of groceries is supposed to rise up 200% or something.
    God help us!

  3. Interesting. I wonder y the price difference in big. There must be something special about KDD’s cows. Maybe they’re pampered and spoiled like Lurpuk’s cows. πŸ˜›

  4. Amu : I know , cant afford it anymore * sigh*

    Mirror : lol ! yes all the KDD products are more expenive now

    BB ; Lol , these one’s have 8 ….

    Chirp :Wallah .. God help us … prices are rising but the pay is the same after all these years ..

    BTW welcome

    Ra7alah : Adri , bas thara gali ! *sorry at my Arabic *

    Chiki : I have an idea may be i should ask the KDD guys to make thier cows sleep in the water or should i mix water myself ?

    Shoush : lol ! for a moment i was thinking may be they borrowed milk from Borats wife … muhahaha

  5. ive never really tried KDD milk. i mean, we only get the juice over here in bahrain, and it is a little more expensive that other juices (just a bit). but its not a big deal. this however, is almost double!

    a little silly? or maybe the marai one is almost expired?


  6. Ammar : No , i checked dates to be sure ! There were other cheaper milk from ABC , Nada , Nadec .. cheaper tha Almarai .. i think KDD is manipulating the taste buds of consumers !

    Desert ROses : lol ! so how do you get you calicium supplements ?

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