Marriage Anyone ?

Prologue : So I’m blank for topics , I’m gonna write personal shit , i have not slept well last night . Ask me why?

Bloggers : Why?

‘GreY’ : Well there was a huge fight , yeah yeah … again , me and my 8months pregnant wife had arguments that lasted till 2.30am , there was no negotiation … There was something i did , which was wrong and i admitted it gracefully asked pardon and needed her permission to rectify it , but she wouldn’t permit me because like all the ladies in the world she too needed the weak point to strike at anytime .
So … first it was cold war that is non talking , not eating (me) phase at 10 pm , at12 it turned to be more colder pretending to be sleeping or staring at the one who is sleeping , at 1 it became much colder war and it was the stage where you spoke your self about ‘your mother did/said that ‘ aka past digging stage , which usually is the ice breaker so at 2 am there was a ‘toned down’ argument ,tears , threats , imaginary breaking things (me again) and finally a temporary compromise so that we could get sleep ( cuddly sleepers) … and within minutes it was 6.30 , and once again the cold war was on …
On the way to the office , the fight continues , the war can not last more than 24 hours you see , that’s the rules of engagement , thanks to the unrelenting traffic block there is argument again …. and suddenly she says ” You don’t love me the same because i am preganant ” , she knows she struck low and I’m hurting like hell but i have to concentrate on driving at the same time …. finally near the office she is sad sad sad … i cant see her that way so i mended and ask her to sit for a while . Told her that how sowwy i was and just asked for a chance to rectify the stupid (its nothing actually ,just a matter of sending something to India ) mistake and she said OK ! and then there was ‘baby talk’ …. and I’m on my way another happily ever after ..

Epilogue : i have called her zillion times to tell her that “i love her “, and how sorry i am , she said sorry too ( which is a first ) for the ‘low blow’ …. and she said the hospital had called and the blood test she did last week is absolutely normal , she doesn’t have gestational diabetes …. which is a huge relief ( because it would have stopped us from having another baby in the future) …..
Now y’all blogarettes can say all the mean things to me …. but hey its marriage … it works that way ..

Anyone for marriage ?

16 comments on “Marriage Anyone ?

  1. Lool i think thats the fun part in marriage as long as the fights are shallow and mendable.

    Its great the the blood is normal.
    May you fight gracfully in the future ;p-

  2. il7amdilla 3ala salamat’ha bro and inshalla the only fights you will see in ur family will be between ur kids over who gets control of the tv

  3. Habeebi.. things like that happen all the time.. it’s not marriage if there wasn’t fights in between. it’s the sugar & spice.. just take it easy you guys.. she’s just stressed out.. poor thing

  4. OMG, we still talk about our eight month pregnant fight. Hubby brought home brochures for a new car – we had a tiny one, not good for a baby – and I went ballistic. “How can you even think of spending that kind of money at a time like this?” I ranted.

    He just looked at me.

    “You poor baby.” he said.

    If he had said one word about hormones, or anything like that, he probably would have died on the spot, but his compassion undercut my (hormonal) rage.

    Isn’t marriage wondeful after making up? 😉

  5. I am married, and I want to know WHY are men so stubborn? especially in arguments and why is it hard for them to say they messed up?

  6. Chika : lol ! she is stretched out ( litterally) and i am stressed out ! … I’l take care of her ! i promise ..

    Intlxpat : lol ! i actually told her she was harmonal and she believed me 😛 … You are truly blessed to have a understanding hubby ! … I get agitated very fast but calm down faster than her !

    Amu : Dont give up bro ! There are plenty of fishes in the sea ! you will find one !…

    n. : thanks , i was expecting some more words from you 😀

    Shayouma:Men are stubborn , one has to hoist the white flag sometimes , its winning despite of losing ! thats the tricky part ! works on my wife all the time ..

    This lady : lol ! get there soon woman ! its a party out there !

  7. Me no married, me no know.

    My sis has been married for a month now and she just loves the puppy face he gives her after a fight.

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