No parking here because Al Gore said so !

A restaurant in front of Marina Mall just joined the fight against Global warming , Because of lack of space they are have planted trees on the main road Opp to Marina Mall itself . Who cares about traffic jam while the world is in crisis ?


11 comments on “No parking here because Al Gore said so !

  1. Ai you evil maaaaaaaan!! Go park inside grrr, I like trees o plants

    BTW, what happened to the ones you planted? no update or the “haiawan” lady 😛 LOL!

  2. lol ! i parked inside but would have hit the plants because i wasn’t expecting them to be on the road ! … about the plants i planted … i named them “chika , Blue , Enigma , Amu and N … all r fine except enigma … a bit malnourished but should be ok … The haras is watering them … thats so kind of him !

  3. Lol make sure Speedo grows quicker than the other ones :pPp chika should be big and bulky..Blue should be slim and sleeky…enigma should be glowing and N i dont know :PpP

    Its good you parked inside otherwise I am shore they will stick a fine at that place on your car!

  4. lol ! i will remane Amu to speedo today ! Dont know his reaction to that !

    That is not smoke .. My mocamera has scratches .. gotta buy me new ones SE850 inshaAllah !

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