I think i have acute Gories …

OK ! i’m seriously bitten by Al Gore and i think i have accute ‘gories’ ( kinda rabies due to which you go crazy enough to plant trees and save energy to fight global warming) … i read on a blog the other day how the Jamaiyya’s (aka the Govt Co Op) are using ‘recycled‘ paperbags instead of Plastic one’s . What a great start ! … i mean Kuwait may be small on the map but this is a giant step .
So goodbye City Centre … if you want ‘Grey’s filooos you gotta go eco friendly man ! I mean “its now or never” . World is in serious crisis if we dont act now it will be too late .. So untill you come up with paper bags i will not shop in City Centre … * told you i have accute gories*
On a personal note since Blogaction day is over no blogger is talking about environment anymore ! i wonder why ?


19 comments on “I think i have acute Gories …

  1. Plastic bags take longer to degrade, but paper bags are made of paper, which are made of trees. And when you cut down trees, you contribute to global warming.

    You can only contribute positively if you reuse your bags. But then you will look like an idiot at the check out counter.

  2. Annoymouse : lol ! i’m sowwy i forgot to mention that these are recylced bags ! i guees you are new to this blog , CZ idiot is my middle name 😀

  3. Dear,

    I know they are recycled bags. But plastic bags are recycled too.

    With plastic bags, you turn oil into bags. With paper bags however, you turn trees into bags (recycled or not, paper still comes from trees).

    When you cut trees, you destroy forests and animal habitats, driving them into extinction. You also reduce the earth’s capacity to suck up CO2.

    So, it it makes you feel good about yourself, go ahead and use paper bags, but in the end you are not doing any less harm to the environment.

    Reuse bags until they are unusable anymore, that’s the best you can do.

  4. An important issue that people fail to realize, is that most of the garbage in Kuwait ends up in a landfill.

    If you were in a civilized country, paper or plastic bags would go to the recycling center to be reused again, which means that there is no need to take more resources from the planet in order to make new bags.

    Here in Kuwait however, your bag, whether paper or plastic ends up in a landfill, which means that in order to compensate for the destroyed bag, you must cut down more trees or make fresh plastic.

    This makes the “recycled” logo in Kuwait virtually pointless.

  5. OK that is good info ! but hey you just cant stop living at once beacuse of the trees … so if trees are cut down plant more trees … I have planted 5 this year … so it takes one small step at a time … i know system here is crap ! but atleast using recycled paper bags is much better than using plastic bags !

  6. Just a point , till this year i didnt give a F##k about environment ! i was just like the millions who still dont care … its a rude awakening but eventually every one will wake up !

  7. That’s good to hear. The next thing you should do is switch to driving a small car, like a VW polo 1.2L.

    Can you make THAT sacrifice for the environment?

  8. I already have a small car ( that red dumptruck in the pic is my car) but its 1.8 . I hardly drive 25Kms per day ! so i think my carbon footprints are very tiny ! lol!

  9. I think they should charge a small amount (say 5 fils) for each bag. It won’t really affect many people, but at least they’ll be aware of the bags they’re using, and re-use their plastic ones (or bring their own canvas bags).

    But anyways, I think the majority of people reuse their plastic bags for trash.

  10. Dude, there’s a point when one has to stop talking & start acting 😉 Sooooo, you know.. Bas I seriously don’t think the bags would solve anything, they are still paper as anon. mentioned, the answer is one bag that one doesn’t have to litter later on you know, it’s not a smart solution, although it’s a start.. I have the thing too 😉

  11. Ansam : lol ! we should open a Al Gore fan club !

    Speed : Its never late , start now !

    Enigma : Good idea but Jamiyya is already expensive that other place so that should cover it …

    Chika : I know ts not a smart solutuin but like babies we cant eat meat on the first day .. gotta start with the milk first !

  12. Grey my man! What about your own personal shopping bag? That is way much better than getting any paper or plastic bag, and much more eco-friendly! I would recommend that.

  13. I also heard that there is some sort of danger using paper bags.

    so i think there’s no use.
    now we want solar power.

    Lool Algore bitt you?! hahaha

  14. N : Thats what we used to back home ! now people think its kinda stupid to carry our own bag !

    Blue : Paper bags are dangerous ? Thats new ! Back home we are alredy using solar , wonder why they dont make it here !

    Al gore bit me in the bum Cheek ! Ouch !

    Zed : Hmmm ! Hell aint lazy ! they are burning always … so will we if we dont go green now !

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