This is something you wouldnt wanna skip

OK i am having a ball of fun ! if you missed my blog you gonna be sowwy suckers ! … Here is a awesome link load your photograph and check out what if you were a baby , Caucasian , West asian , east asina , african , apeman ( some of us still are) …The one below if i were an apeman … Infact i look a lot like the apeman not many changes there ! … Now go check what if you were a woman ! or man ! ( link)

P.S : you need to download the software …(free)

This one if i were a Manga Cartoon I likey likey !


15 comments on “This is something you wouldnt wanna skip

  1. WOOW! UR AN UGLY APE!! i hope u dont look like that in real life!! or even close!

    The comic is cuuuuuute.. i hope u look like that!

  2. Chika : i aint good lookin either way ! you know it ! 😛

    TLS : I told you the softwear didnt have to change much … its so close to the original ! 😀

    Niqa : lol ! patience dear ! its fun ! now i am uploading my wife’s picture heee hee … will email her !

    Blue : i didnt post my baby picture .. it looks so cute with beard !

    Ansam : You wont sue for copy rights, right ? lol !

  3. lool..that was funny..I went to the website..thought to try it, but then I feard that myself will scare my other self :p..

    I don’t want to imagine that…specialy the ape’s one 😀

  4. DR : lol ! try ! the child one is beautiful ! my baby face has beard ! 😛

    Chirp : lol on Bushy thing ! … sowwy no Oprah ! dont wannna wake up my feminine side !

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