That Mobile Incident

Incident one : It was a long day ! Not a usual LMAO Grey day ( i miss them ) . Took my wife out to dinner , when we came back , she dropped her stupid mobile and as we humans do ‘reflex” … she went to catch it and end up slapping her own pregnant stomach so hard , i just stood there shocked ! so was she !!! and then she start to wriggle with pain and panic ,She was worried if she hurt the baby … i calmed her down and told her how the baby is well protected inside her stomach and immidietly Grey Jr did the usual ‘twist and shout’ … and she was OK . Shit happens . And thats life …

Incident Two : I was getting inside the car and a dashing Indiano Diva in her pink jacket stared at me , and i was sponatneous with a song on my lips ‘Thu roop ki rani , mai choron ka raja” which means you are the beauty queen and i am the King of thievs “.. and Drooley( my wife) just pretended that she didnt hear ! it was embarrasing ! i mean sometimes i could be real dumb fuck ! … it doesnt get any worse than this ! I love my wife second only to GOD ,but ‘ im just human , not perfect , but i will try’ …

I missed to read Shayouma’s blog …( Because I am StupPid )Inspired from her blog , here are the few things i want to tell people around me !Just that i am not scared to mention the person !

1.Let go ! i am all grown up , treat me according my age ( to my parents )
2. Everythings gonna be allright , cz my heart says so ( to my wife who is worried about delivery)
3. You can get jealous all you want to but if God is for me , you cant be against me ( to my coleauges)
4. Whats for dinner ( to my wife again)
5. What goes around comes around ( ?)
6. Dont be selfish ( wife and kids first )if you are looking for a happy married life read “mathew 19:5 ( to a good friend)
7. There is no such thing called ‘ perfect partner’ … we all are made of dust … flawed … ( you know who you are cz i already told you )

To all my male readers , click here or die


12 comments on “That Mobile Incident

  1. I was wondering why you left me 😦 But I am glad you found me lol!!
    Hope your wife is feeling better.. and tell her not to worry about the delivary too much, Women are strong,she can do it I am sure! 😉

  2. Loooool on the pink lady!
    Your wife is very understanding mashallah

    I LOVE your honesty box!

    Lool i was reading your blog in the dark now i can see the text everywhere hahaha that so funny.

  3. hey bro I hope my bhabhi is ok? you better tc of her 🙂 and dont worry I am there just shout for me when you need Amu 🙂 cuz I am not speedo for you.

  4. Shayouma : lol ! you moved the blog and i forgot to subscribe … then i was thinking why you stopped blogging !

    Blue : I had to hear an earful from the understanding lady this morning ! anyway we madeup ! she thinks i have changed because of her pregnancy !
    Devine dust ? no me !
    Amu : Thanks ! and i will take care ! Good God i can call you Amu , i feel awkward to call you Speedo !

  5. helloooo about the first thing i agree shit do happen 😡 and about that bra thingy 😡 man i just won’t comment about it :xxx

  6. Chikap : lol ! I am the worst flirter in the entire world ( even Ross could do better) so my wife is not worried at all that i will flirt ! She needs to gauge my eyes :SS
    N. : you clicked the link and lived ! hee hee !

    Shayouma : yeah my wife was proposing that i should use horse eye cover while i go out ! lol !

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