This may hurt a bit ..aHHHHHHHHH!

My dear friend Slim is back after a long vacation . ( Quick intro Slim is unmarried , 50 male , leans more towards his feminine side ,) He has a cat and he had to take the cat along with him for vacation because none of his friends agreed to take care of the cat while he was gone . So he was telling me the stories of back home how he and his cat enjoyed . Better i explain in conversation

Me : So how old is she ?

Slim : 6 years now !

Me : what you do with the kittens ? i mean she must be getting pregnant often right ? You sell them or what ?

Slim : No she doesn’t get pregnant cz i had her neutralised ?

Me : You c..nthead you mean, you made her Banj ? (barren ?) ( if u r new here i am famous for talking without thinking , so I’m excused k?)

Slim : ( welled up , heavy voice) Yeah ! i regret it … its the worst mistake i have ever done in my life . I hope God will forgive me for this ..

Then he told me the story how on the day of operation one of his friend shouted at him that at least he should have allowed the cat to bear kittens once … So out of remorse he tried to contact the Vet on the phone from work , but the Vet was already ‘fixin’ the cat and how he cried and cried and cried for what he had done ….

I don’t lean to my feminine side much … but it touched my heart ! ( yep no brains ! but got a heart) …

* the cat in the picture is Shanon who live the longest , 19 yeard.

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3 comments on “This may hurt a bit ..aHHHHHHHHH!

  1. i think he is heartless for just thinking of it! ,, it is not a stray cat! its his, who gave him the right to do so? the cat is a LIVING animal an other soul ,,, and that was not the only way to solve it

    50? then he is not young ,, but what good are tears after killing a living animal by his foolishness?

    poor thing, i feel sorry for the kitten, the story made me cry

    i mean how could he! didnt he think twice? didnt he realize he is going way over his limit?

    why raise a thing if ur not up to handling it & its actions? what if he was sold and his master decided to do the same for him? how would that feel? would the tears of his master do much after all is done???????

    i am frustrated, angry and feel bad for the cat that her bad luck made an idiot raise it….

  2. Did you ask the cat?!
    I this you should before you start assuming ;p-

    Its good to have a heart.
    i think i have one too.

    P.S the cat can always adopt one of these street lost kittens…
    maybe the one you found a few months ago… ;p

  3. well, ok it does sound bad bas it is essential dude! I got 5 cats, 2 of which are females – so you can imagine when these cats get their party on! Wohooo!! the males joined the girls now 😛 they seem happy!

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