Total Perv post of the day .

This one is Total WTF post ! so i request all you good people to stay out ! only the Evil ones can click on this myspace link ! … once again at your own risk ! listen to the first song

While coming home ,

5 in the morning ,

somethings going on …

can i smell ….


10 comments on “Total Perv post of the day .

  1. i knoooow! i heard it before, its gross!!

    she has a great voice, i dont know why she has to sing that way!

    this is just too much. its degrading.

  2. I don’t think smelling it is a romantic thing……!!!

    I can never understand NIGROMUSIC, it’s not black music, it’s not even rap, it’s shittier than both…..!!!

  3. BD: And i thought Eminem killed the music !hee hee !

    Chika : yeah ! she’s angry ! lol!

    Fastlane : yukk ? i heard someone singing this while riding the bike ! 😀

    TLS : Gross ? yes it is , thats an ROFLMAO way to catch a traitor husband !

    Exzombie : I cant diff between break , rap , R&B and the rest of the crap ! but im lovin the song !

    Ammaro : Dont ! you will get fired for sure , cz the moment you open the page the song starts !

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