We died yesterday ! thanks to the Health care system .

She had and appointment at the Govt Clinic at 5PM , usually i pick her up when she is done , but thanks to a jealous biatch i work with i couldn’t go . But then she called , she was frantic and panicky , she said Doctor said she couldn’t hear baby’s heart beat and she had to go to Sabah hospital URGENT to do the scan . She asked the Doctor what was wrong but the Doctor wouldn’t explain or even talk to her anything but chased her away by saying ‘go , go ‘ .

As i said i couldn’t go , she called a friend who is a taxi driver and he took her to Sabah hospital at 7pm and after anxiously waiting for hours the doctor there did the scan and everything was OK . I mean there was no threat what so ever , just the Doctor at the Clinic was using primitive equipments , and she said the Doctor was pressing her stomach so hard to check the baby movements . The worst part is my wife doesn’t speak Arabic and the Doctors in Kuwait hardly speak English , even Babu our Chaprasi aka the ‘tea boy ‘ speaks much better English than some of those doctors in the Govt Clinic . The health ministry has made millions since 2001 since the health insurance was introduced but the quality and service of the Health care industry is worse than third world country’s . What a shame . First there are no sign board in English , you have to find that ‘one’ English speaking Bangali cleaner to know the details . Then when the turn comes Doctors are so in a hurry or busy gossiping they don’t even care to look at you and talk straight , so much is the arrogance if you are a Govt employee , its like they are doing some big favour to the society …… I can go on with this rant but i am disgusted …. disgusted … disgusted how a fellow human being , a medical professional can scare living daylights of a pregnant woman just because they just don’t care ….

We almost died every second of the four hours ordeal that she went through ! May God bless every one at Health care Industry in Kuwait . What else i can say !


13 comments on “We died yesterday ! thanks to the Health care system .

  1. Oh Grey..I totally feel what you were going through during those 4 hours. But I am happy to hear that all went well. Enshallah every thing will go well till she delivers..

    And next time bhabhi ko jana ho to mujhe phone kar lena…samjhay :@

  2. And regarding the ministry..GOD help them to help people! They are just F***** nothing good in my mouth for them…

  3. Salamat inshalla, you have me alarmed.

    I’m currently having some similar experiences, and so we’re opting for treatment outside Kuwait since things just aren’t going too well here.

  4. Chika : It was horrible , i was not able to leave my shop and she wouldnt speak out of shock ! i was in tears ! its something i cant explain , even the enemy shouldnt go through such experience ..

    BoJacob : Good decision . I think Govt Health care system in Kuwait will always be the same .
    and the Private ones just rob in daylight .Some one should call that ‘ Micheal Moore guy to make a documentry of our system.

    Enigma : Dont be sorry dear ! Its been the way and always be ! God willing next time i will save more money so that i can afford the private clinic !

  5. im sorry you have to go through this. it really is a shame for a country with so much income and such great capabilities. i mean, seriously, some of the kuwaiti entrepeneurs and big shots really are intelligent, strong, clever, but somehow as it gets closer to the ground this seems to get filtered out…

  6. I went thru pretty much the same thing for every hospital visit when i was pregnant.. my husband didnt want to waste more time with it in the end and we went private at al salam.. expensive but totally worth it in the end cos that is what medical care is all about! My son was born on 5th Nov last year.

    i am glad ur wife had an easy delivery in the end… God takes care of his own.

  7. Anon : I know ! but we couldnt afford private , and moreover in Kuwait Private clinics just do the c-section to make money … so we had to opt for Govt Hospital …Anyway it was an happy ending ! … i guess !

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