I met Remo Fernandes

So here i was cursing another fucked up day ! and as i came out of the back store i couldnt belive my eyes ! i was like Howly Cow ! its REMO FERNANDEZ . Then i just didnt want him to go away , so gathered courage and went up to him , shook his hand and said ” Hi Sir, its nice to meet you” … he looked surprised , probably didnt expect a ‘unagi’ from fans here in Kuwait . Then he asked me where i was from and i said the name of the Village that i come from . And then there was an Photo Op ! he was such a Gentleman and he posed with me , i was like , is he smiling ? is he smiling in my photo or not? OMG ! he is such a gentleman ! though i invaded his privacy for a moment he didnt mind , he asked me if the photo was OK ! i was trembling ! Now i understand why people cry when they see their Idol ! …
Remo was my Idol back in my guitar playing , head banging days , too bad my dad got drunk one day broke my guitar and thus my music career ended bizzarley . Just now i had a flash back back in the days when There was only one channel in Indiastan and local Talent got a spot of half an hour at somewhere at 11PM ( which was very late back then ) i used to sit infront of the TV in our onebedroom/hall/kitchen ( yeah all in one and 6 people) with very low volume to hear my Hero’s like Remo , 13AD , RockMachine play … OMG those were the days ! i will always chrish them , i have become hyper … so im gonna stop …
Please feel happy for me !

This is a song from the Movie ‘Bombay’ … Remo’s magical voice !


6 comments on “I met Remo Fernandes

  1. Chika : thanks ! thanks !

    BD : Buwuhahaha ! there is no such thing as almost complete , its either complte or not complete , so !
    PS Pwease pwease dont keeel me !

    Fastlane : Thanks man ! he is cool !

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