I’m not the man i used to be

I’ve been busy ,
I’ve been Mean ,
I’ve been more rascallous than that i already am !
I dont know whats in my head ! (Old Shoes for brain)
Is it because i am freaking looking at Drooleys stomach ! Ah those stretch marks !
Or is it the fear that i will lose her !
I havent slept more that 5hours for many days now !
I just tried to go forward in reverse gear !
Pressed the radio on for emergency lights !
Denied some customers because i’m not in mood !
I left some mean comments and then regretted it .( sorry Ray)
I wrote a letter to City Centre to minimize the use of plastic bags .
I’m not me , im not me ,
Im terrified ,
I have to say goodbye to someone ,will it be the last time i see her ?
I hate the cold weather , it fucking my mind real gloomy !
I hate myself right now !
I hate myself right now !
I hate myself right now !
I hate myself right now !
I hate myself right now !
I hate myself right now !
I hate myself right now !

By GreY Posted in life

12 comments on “I’m not the man i used to be

  1. I know you are overwhelmed right now by many things, just take it easy Grey! you know where to find me if you need anything

  2. 1st take what bothering you out, which you did here… don’t bother yourself with blames! go for a long walk its relaxing!

  3. take it easy on urself grey… u feeling bad and hating urself wont changeanything. hopefully, everything will be more than great!!

  4. Hey take it easy dude 🙂 … you are at stage of time, when all these things just pounce on you. Just wait for 30 days ( as your baby count says on your blog) …

    and all these days of wait and worry will be gone…. :-)..

  5. I love this. A man’s perspective and fears.

    There will be another person sharing her with you but your experience will be equally wonderful depending on how much you involve yourself with mom and baby.

    Wishing you a safe delivery and a healthy mom and baby

  6. Thank you guys ! Chika ,Shayouma , OranginaFaddira , Lone rangress,Rayboy ,and Jewaira … Thank you ! your words meant a lot to me and i feel better already !

  7. dont worry grey! its just a phase. trust me, EVERYONE goes thru this.. u’ll laugh at how u overreacted about this :))

    we’re all here for u. Bloggers united!

    just post, and we’ll reply!

  8. Bro, Kya hua? is everything ok? dont be tensed when I am there..just calm down and relax it will all be good..and I wont say like others that i am there when you need me, I am always with you…so take it easy..and pm me plzz??

  9. Ohhh maaan…
    would you write me some lyrics??
    I am not so good in writing them..althought i need it for some of my music 🙂

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