Pregnancy anyone ?

This is not my wife’s picture , i got it from here! anyhoo right now the most scariest thing is her stretch marks ( infact this picture is much better) …

Pregnancy anyone ?

This is my wife balancing the Chicken !

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17 comments on “Pregnancy anyone ?

  1. ok, that’s natural! Poor women suffer ALOT because of this! you go Mrs. Grey! When is she due!? Yalla! We want baby pictures!

  2. Lool, yes you have to use the stomach as much as you can, it wont stay there forever…

    Now your using the baby when its out it will start using you ;p-

    Good luck mrs Greyy! and Greyy…
    I hope the baby comes out with a huge SMILE!

  3. YOU’RE scared of the stretch marks imagine how she feels meskeena and awwwwww cute with the using her tummy as a table hehehehe

  4. did she not use a cream a lotion baby oil.. any thing ? ? ? ?

    plz tell me this.. cz im on my fifth month, and i wanna know if it would hapen to me even if i use oils.

  5. that must be a very carefully balanced act. circus, anyone?

    man, if you’re worried about it, think how she feels! anyway, not much left till little grey (light grey?) comes! start him a blog!

  6. LoL chill man, it’s ok.. there’s a cream she can use during the pregnancy for the marks.. it will all go away.. I wasn’t the heavy type, but alot of women are and well, just be thanksful you don’t have to go through all that lol!

  7. Relaaaaaaaaaaax.. take it eaaaaasy, dude, u worry a lot!!

    she should use lots of lotion and stuff for the stretch marks, but eventually they’ll fade..

    u see what she goes thru?? be thankful ur a man!

  8. don’t worry it’ll go away… i can’t imagine how vulnerable she’s feeling.. at least she’s using her bump to her advantages lol


  9. Ok, i just read ur previous post. Hmmm. If it’s the fear of u loosing her as u said then i think maybe u shud talk to her about it. Communicate ur fears and worries and am sure she’s got her own fears and worries as well.. and if u talk about it u cud comfort each other and do something about it u know. I dunno, i’ve never been in a situation like this but they say communicating and talking about these things is healthy. But if it’s the stretch marks that’s worrying u not “fear of losing her” then i say SHAME ON U!!!!

    Peace 😛

  10. lol guys at the comments ! im short of time ! so thank you all for passing by Vyvaaa i think she drinks a lot of fluid to keep the skin moist and uses some stretch cream

  11. Thanks Elegante !

    Roses : lool ! i am freaked because i love her so much and i cant see her going through so much alone ! i wish i could carry the baby instead !

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