Lame post

Salam Alaikum …. thunderous voice , Salam being the word ” peace” , i didn’t find anything Salamful in that , i could sense arrogance dripping on the floor . I looked up it was a boy, must be in his new pubes . I wondered what will have happen to him when they grow few more centi’s . The worst part is he didn’t even look at me when i looked up , I can live with that , i mean i have lived half my life here so i no stranger to the thunderous Salams which don’t mean anything anymore other than ” ya Hindi ! i am inside your shop like it or not” .
I think talking in Amithab Bacchany voice is the kewl thing of late , Friend of mine who works for this family once told how the father was teaching his 4 year old son to talk in a “thick” Rajjaly (manly) voice . That why just look at a 9 year old talking in Marina or Avenues , there is no innocence anymore , if you still don’t get what i am saying , there is a new generation out there which wants to grow up before nature does it naturally …

I know this post is lame , i had to spit it out before the ‘voices’ got louder in my head ( yeah more than one now and still counting ) .


9 comments on “Lame post

  1. We all wanna grow up before our time 🙂 Until we grow up, and then .. we want it to STOOOOOPPPPP but it never does! 😦

  2. Hmm.. man! I know what you’re talking about! Innocence? what’s that! I hate how the young generation act like that.. *sigh*

  3. God my son is 11 and he refuses to attend the biology lesson he is supposed to take in school on you know what, he told the teacher ” I am not learning the lesson I am too young, maybe in college but not now I am NOT taking the exam as well” LoooL and those kids wants to grow up!!! I am soooo scared my son will wake up one day talking in a different voice lol.. he was 5 just a few years ago!! Man that is too long it should be a post in my blog lol!!!!

  4. LOL! Kids these days.. Wasn’t there a video here about a baby who fights with his dad over the mom? see? reality isn’t far off..

  5. Qwaider : yeah ! but not this soon!

    Chika : * Sigh Sigh * times are changing !

    ANsam : Me tooo ! scaaaaared !

    Esh : Right said ! At seven the voice is like men !

    Shayouma : lol ! oyou have a gutsy son ! in my days we could never dare to talk back to teacher ! He will be a leader for sure !

    Shoush : No snow ! i dont know how to do it so i changed the layout !

    TLS : Exactly , Salam is just Hi anymore !

    N. : lol ! yeah those days are not far ! i will be the first to be butt kicked by his son ! 😀

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