Zain gone crazy !

I was writing some stupid lame post , and i am suddenly interupted by a SMS from Zain to payup ! i was like WTF ? I pay regularly on 1st no matter what, and its not even end of the month to ask again ! and i get the message to pay up ?
Isn’t it not enough that i subscribed to a service which bans anything that says sex or naked ? Ha ?
Hatha MoooZain ! wallah !

Update : Totally unrelated issue CLICK OR DIE


7 comments on “Zain gone crazy !

  1. oh yeah, similar thing happened, but without a msg. when i first signed up with them when they opened in bahrain, i asked them to deduct the bill monthly from my account, and signed the papers. after a month or so, in the middle of the night my phone got disconnected. :S

    i went to their 24 hr branch in the airport, they’re like u didnt pay your bill. so i shout, its been ONLY ONE MONTH, you didnt even NOTIFY ME, and I ALREADY GAVE YOU AUTHORIZATION TO TAKE YOUR F^#$IN MONEY ANYWAY!~

    so i went next door to the batelco 24 hour shop and got me another phone line and disconnected that one.

  2. oh yeah!!

    they sent me msg b4 like a month telling me ..dear customer we have selected you for missu service for free till the 13rd of dec….

    I know what will happen next..keep me subscribed..taking my money..even with no asking me if I want the service or not…but oh yeah!!
    We will see!!

  3. Chika : just lol ? hmmm!

    Ammar : lol ! I can imagine you must be hell pissed at them !

    Yeah the baby poop was scary innit ?

    ROses : Even i got that SMS , but i never switch off my mobile so didnt bother anyways !

  4. can I say this in arabic ? :p

    play it right lol


    and I was like…whats the hell?

  5. Zain are known of this extreme neutral treatment to all customers regardless how loyal and organized they are in payments. People with over 5 lines paying regularly for over 7 years got disconnected for 5 KD bills!

    Ironic really. After they had intelligent system to allow paying customers more time, they changed to this model. It was when they announced pay your bill and win 1 million KD draw. The 1 million KD was a cover up.

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