Thank You Drooley for loving me .

This post is dedicated to my wife ! i dont know what would i do if i didn’t have her in my life . I can go on and on praising her ! But i wont ! Just thank you Drooley for loving me !

P.S : Please pray for her and Baby AJ for healthy delivery and good health .

By GreY Posted in AJ

12 comments on “Thank You Drooley for loving me .

  1. You’ve got it. We will wrap the three of you in prayer. You will be fine. Has she taken any classes to prepare her for childbirth (LaMaze, breathing, etc?)

  2. inshallah everything will be alright don’t worry. Childbirth is scary I know but it’s also an overwhelming experience you won’t forget.. the moment you see you baby, will be a moment you cherish all your life!

  3. Fastlane : Thanks bro !

    Intlexpat : No they dont teach that here in Kuwait , bless you for the tip i will look it up in youtube !

    Shayouma : Bless you too for the kind words ! InshaAllah ! all will go well by your prayers.

  4. aaaw that’s sooo cute *tears*

    I wish u all the best, and we’re all praying for drooley’s fast delivery, and AJ’s healthy appearance!

  5. Hope so hon!!!

    btw how sure you are that ur baby will be born after 22 days šŸ˜›

    hehe inshallah she makes it next next week on the 25th of Dec :P…what amazing gift for x-mas…

    tell me the time hon…so I tell you his/her horoscope in specific..

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