Childhood tag !

Its Chika’s Childhood Tag ! if you read it do your own post on your Childhood ! it was fun innit ? Unless you were embarrassed of your childhood ! COME ON ! share some memory’s …
So here it is 10 things from my childhood !
1. Didn’t have Television so read a lot of Comic books , i mean it was all Phantom and Mandrake the magician ! Never heard about Spider man or Batman until i was 15.
2. Every time i made mischief Mom threatened me of sending me back to my ‘real mother’ a distant cousin of hers who was dark , just like me . and i would beg her not to send me away and promise to behave in the future . looking back i was a real devil , I troubled her a lot !
3. I suffered from Sever OCD as a child ( still do ) , had to see three cows before i went to school ! Call me weird but i was born this way …
4. Fell of from the tallest tree , lucky me landed right on another branch just meters away from landing on a barbed fence … you don’t wanna know how big the balls got swollen because of the impact …. what the heck ! still alive
5. Cycled 24 KM triple ride ( Three people in one Bicycle ) just to see the Ocean ! ( imagine never seeing the ocean all your life ) After a tiresome swim bloody friends ditched me and took the bus back while i had to pedal all the way back !
6. Whole summer vacation spent in the Jungle , eating fruits , catching fish ,stealing coconuts , disturbing honey combs … once three of us laboured to empty a well and caught all the fish that was in it …
7. When i was 12 , sneaked out to watch a Adult movie , entire movie guy next to me was rubbing my thigh ! …. years later i realised holy cow I’VE BEEN MOLESTED !
8. The first cassette i bought was Prince’s LOVESEXY … Dad beat the crap out of me because Prince was naked in it ….
9. I moved to City and Mom lectured me about Big City Bad Boys …. so i never had any friends , it sucked so bad , i end up in front of TV watching farming/poultry programmes .
10 . I was the Larry Flint of school ! if you know what i mean ! Yep ! i was the boss !
There are thousands of memories , some are not worth mentioning ! but i cherish them , In all i was a total dick head ( and Still ) but i think i lived my childhood to the fullest … and i am glad to look back at it and laugh !
Do you ?
Please do share !

10 comments on “Childhood tag !

  1. Prince ahhh! “you sexy MF” LOL! I remember this! Stealing coconuts and being in the jungle! I wish!

    being molested .. hmm.. LOL! As for your mystery mom, that was funny! Lovely childhood, so rich! Thanks for doing it! 🙂

  2. Well lol most of the things you did are compatible with your character lol,. I mean from your blog we know that you are a devil heheh a nice devil though,,
    Yeah my dad used to tell me I have a Pakistani sister and I used to get very jealous because I am an only girl lol!!! LoL let me think and I will do a post in my blog soon ..

  3. eheh all so funny and adventurous! i bet the best of them was ur summer spent in the jungle..i can imagine it being hilariously boring;P

    and it’s nice to c the real ‘grey’ showing up, good to know that u began taking it easy on urself;)

    All the best!!

  4. Chika : loool ! yeah prince was Kewl ! i still like him !

    Shosho : Yep ! stil deviling around and a little devil in waiting to beat the crap outa me !

    Lone Rangere’s : No it wasnt boring ! infact we wanted to live in the Jungle ! it was so adventures ….

    Shoush : Shokran ! 😛

    BLue Ice Envey P: Welcome to humble abode !

    Fastlane : Thanks Bro ! I’m honored

    Bu Ziyad : Thanks Mate !

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