Inconsiderate City Centre Staff

Thought i will not bitch about this , but apparently i am too hurt that i had to wake up and restart and blog about this ,

I’ve been at the City Center ,Salmiya today , Me and My Pregnant wife , Actually we went for a walk in the mall ended up buying few grocery’s from City Centre , Eid and Christmas rush , so we have just 8 items and we went to the Express counter , Even before we could enter the counter the Cashier yells at me ” Sir you can not come here , you have more than 5 items “ i looked around , no one else wants to use the Express counter ,
So i told her ” But We are two , If you want you can bill twice ”
She was really rude and adamant , she said ” Sorry ! just go to another counter “
I was just shocked ! Because the time she took to refuse to bill me , she could have billed four customers , yet she too the pain because two people had 8 items and were Indians ! If we were Arabs , she would have done it quietly …

I just didn’t know what to say , because i was overcome with disgust at her , so I showed her my Pregnant wife and said

“At least you should know how to behave with a pregnant woman ” …. but she seemed not bothered !

Anyhow I left a complaint at the Complaint ledger ! . I don’t think any action will be taken ..

I think i should stop buying from City Center ….

Goodnight !

Update : (17-12-07) : I recieved a call from City Center , and they apologised , Which was really gracious of them . They just kept their customer from going elsewhere !


9 comments on “Inconsiderate City Centre Staff

  1. I HATE it when they treat Indians this way. I am not saying this because I am writing in your blog, and not because I am a shah rukh fan lol! Bas really this is some sort of racism I dislike in Kuwait which also Kuwaitis do sadly!

  2. Racism is everywhere ! i’m kinda used to it now ! Even while normal conversation guys suddenly poke in the word “bai saab” …just to make me feel ” hey ! you are Indian”… * sigh*

  3. Racism is everywhere. Each culture looks down on another one even though they hate to admit it.

    Its good that they called u back though 😉 i was going to boycott them! hehehe

  4. oh come on dude, 8 items is way over the limit. i mean, there should be a 20% allowance. so lets say you should get 5 items, 20% over that is 6 items. 8 is just pushing it. its your own fault!

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