Early Christmas Present

Then there was this call of early arrival , so we went to arrivals … Not yet they said … still time …. So we went back happy faces …. On the way back there was this ‘incident’ because of which we had to go back to the arrivals again …
She went in … left me waiting … so here i was at the arrivals … waiting .. impatiently …. it was 10PMI was very tired of driving so just closed my eyes and when i woke up it was morning and Wow ! what a wonderful creation you made oh God … breath taking … and the cold wind by the sea side ! .. yet no news from her …. 5am… Mid morning and i am still inside the car at the arrivals …. two boys take a walk in the first rain … i wanted to stop them … first rain always brings sickness … but i am too tired … i think i have roots under my feet …. 1pm

Rain gets heavier …. and the phone rings ….. its her …. and My Baby Boy has arrived ….. Yep ! he is here ! if you dont see the baby ticker on the right … thats because he arrived 19 days early … Healthy and sound … so is the Mother … she ‘s fine … i spoke to her … she said she is fine … I am yet to see her …. rain is getting thicker … battery is running lower ….

Wish me ! Sing with me , dance with me , feast with me …. CZ I am a proud dad !

By GreY Posted in AJ

21 comments on “Early Christmas Present

  1. oh my god GREY!!! congratulations!! i’m really glad she’s fine.. this is soo amazing!! congratulations papa grey! and good luck with everything this is so exciting!

    p.s i just realized mr. aj(did i get the name right?) is a Sagittarius.. he gonna be awesome!! šŸ˜›

  2. AAAAAAAAA great christmas gift!
    So now his birthday is on December 21 does that make him a capricorn?!
    Or a sagitarious?!

    How come you were waiting in the car though?! are you squeemish?!
    Anyway happpyy Birthday to little mr.grey!

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It really is an early Christmas present!

    I’m so glad they’re healthy :))

    and yeah why were u in the car?

  4. Mishmisha : Thanks Sarah ! Amazing … im still dreamin..

    Bilu Dwess : Hmm im not a hororscope guy ! but hey i dont mind if he’s a capri or saggi …
    he’s confusing ( what else you could expect from grey’s offspring ?)
    Bb : Thanks Man ! see at the dedication

    Chika : soon ! once he is out of the incubator i will post ! but i warn you ! he is hairy ( Sexy eh )

    Enigma : Blessings reached Mr Grey and Jr !

    Ansam : Thanks , thanks Thanks ! i dont if his crying will bundle my joy *sigh*

    Blue : Saggi it is ! So does he get many girls ?

    Shish : welcome and thanks !

    Ray : Thanks man ! wonderful he is !

    Jewaira : Thank you ! sure she will read your comments !

    Jacqui : thanks for sharing my joy !

    This Lady : Thanks …about being in the car ! *sigh * i was under the impression that she was having painful delivery where as it turned out that they gave her sedative and she slept ( best sleep in months it seems) and i was like a numb nut freezing my nuts in the cold … thinking i am sharing her pain ! .. I am born idiot … i hope my son wont be like me !

  5. heyyyyyyyy, a thousand congratulations! (literal arabic translations)

    may he fill your lives with joy and happiness šŸ™‚

  6. I might be late of the good news but I still want to express my warmest congratulations for that very especial gift that you received from Heaven! So, you’re father now!

  7. Woooo Hoooooooo, GreY! A baby boy! And jaundice happens often, it happened with my son, too. Oh, how your life is about to change! You are on a roller coaster now, my friend!

    Congratulations, and may you have all the blessings of husbandhood and fatherhood.

  8. Rieanne : Thanks ! You are not late ! thanks for the well wishes

    Intlxpat : wooooow ! just roller coaster ? Holy God ! i am in a jam and a soup and whole lot of curry !

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