Numb Nuts it is !

Hokay People ! too many fingers raised at Why i was in the car while my wife went in to labor … Here’s the story … First .. I love my wife …second only to God ! at first i came home for a brief moment but the house started to bite me .. i felt so lonely , wanted to cry thinking the pain she had to go through … so i went back to the Hospital …. Also i thought that all fathers did wait outside the hospital while their wives delivered … apparently not many husbands like thier wives … hee hee ! … But the main reason was … like in the movies where women scream and yell whole night getting contractions … because( thanks to the Kuwait rules) i being the husband couldnt be with her my wife while she had to go through the pain so i decided to spend the night in the cold sharing her pain … Turns out that Science is so advanced these days … there is no labor pain anymore … they gave her some injection or something …because of which the cervix dialated while she was fast alseep … and only in the morning when she woke up ( after the best sleep she had in months it seems) she went in to labor … which also was painless …

In all i spent almost 20 hours in my car ! made an ass of myself … wait … wait … i am an ass already ( thanks to Blue ) ! so God willing the next baby ( she is saying no already ) i will be sleeping at home …

Prospective fathers … if you read this … no need to sacrifies, freezing your balls off in the cold…. you will need them for next time ….Meanwhile i am taking hot bubble bath to defrost … you know what !

By GreY Posted in AJ

14 comments on “Numb Nuts it is !

  1. LOL! I didn;t say anything! *points at others* – well men react in different ways towards that and no one can blame you dude! It’s hard for both I guess… what matters is the baby & moma is ok

  2. hey look at the bright side… “You now have a story to tell your kid” .. SON … when you were born .. i was freezing my ass out ” šŸ™‚

  3. Congraaaaaaaaaaaats, congraaaaaaats! Mabrook ma yakom! Wat did u name him??

    And no, u shudn’t be talking a bubble bath. Pain or no pain, u fathers shud suffer for some time. I mean, labor is one thing, and NINE MONTHS OF PREGNANCY is something else! Leish ma tistaw3ibon?

  4. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh dude!

    i dont think women understand. we cannot actually be in the same delivery room. men have weak hearts when it comes to that. sure, blood in movies, dead people, gore, guts, no problem. but a little blood during birth and we run! either way, congrats again on the baby, and you dont need to explain yourself to no one! whenever i get a baby ill be at a party when hes delivered (celebrating his birth, of course)

  5. Congratualations on ur bundle of joy! How can any1 blame a caring hubby?
    I know abt others(my own) who was at work all the time! Too busy to worry abt anything.
    Now u can be proud abt ur exp. and tell the story to ur son when he grows up:)

  6. Hahaha good for u, u should suffer while she suffers!

    And come to think of it, i have no idea why this stupid law is there. Btw its only in government hospitals. Private hospitals allow husbands to be with their wives during labor.

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