Come home for Christmas .

Come Home for Christmas my Son , we miss you ! We love you !

Update : My son is still in the Hospital and His mother is at home , its been the most difficult time of our life , waiting every single second of the day to pass bye ! … When time is your enemy there is nothing worse than that ! … Its heart breaking to see a woman in tears , waiting for her Son to come home , Please pray for us .. cz we need your prayers ….

By GreY Posted in AJ

18 comments on “Come home for Christmas .

  1. Cuutte baby mashalaa! Why is he still in the hospital? Is it cuz he was born a bit early? And when is he going home? :/ Inshala he get’s better and stronger and can go home sooner than later.

  2. awwww inshallah he’ll be home by christmas! I always see that, the parents wait for 9 months, but when the baby is finally out they become miserable for the few extra days he’s in the incubator πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Cute baby. But we can’t see much of him as he’s lieing facing down. Anyways, there r going to be more pics…Inshallah!

    Why is he still in the hospital?
    Ur in our prayers! May God Protect him!Ameen.

  4. Don’t worry enshalla he’ll be fine! πŸ™‚ My nephew was born on the 7th month, o el7emdellah he’s healthy and 4 years old now. We’ll pray for him! πŸ™‚

  5. I am sooo late Grey sorry..
    First congrats on the new baby and hamdillah ala salamat the wife..
    I hope your son gets better, I am sure he will inshallah.. I am praying for him..

  6. I pray for him, he’s so cute Grey. My son is with me right now and he don’t want me to close your blog, he said “I want to see that baby mama!”

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