Oh my God ! they switched our baby

Dont worry ! they didnt ! it was a funny incident i want to document !

She was missing AJ so much , so i asked her to come along with me to the Maternity Hospital ( where AJ is kept in the Incubator ) … When we arrived she was so ……gee i dont know how to explain that feeling of hers .. anyhoo ! we walk in the Special Care Ward … Went to the same incubator where AJ has been kept since Dec21 .. AJ looked tiny to me … so i thought they must have moved place , so we stood by the next baby … Nurse came and asked “Who ?” ( right now AJ is called by his Mothers name ) …

She said her name …

Nurse checked the name “we have moved him to ward # ”

So we went to the ward . AJ was facing the wall and fast asleep …. so we stood there adoring him for next 5 minutes ….

Then my wife wants to read the case sheet …. she panicked ” oh my God ! they have switched our baby …. this is not AJ !!!!! the parents phone numbers on Case sheet are not ours”…

I panicked too and looked around for help …

Then noticed AJ was in the next Incubator sleeping …

What a relief …..

Will never forget those 5 minutes spent on the other cute baby thinking that he was ours …

and will never forget the panic …

Then the Nurse made Drooley to bottle feed AJ , it was the first time she touched him … her eyes were so moist …

God willing , now that he is out of neonatal Jaundice ,tomorrow they will keep him out of the incubator or may discharge him !

By GreY Posted in AJ

9 comments on “Oh my God ! they switched our baby

  1. CONGRATS DUDE!!!! … your SON is upto a lot πŸ™‚ … you got a lot of stories to tell him, when he grows up … Do remember every moment of it!!!!!

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