He cries, he poops and he makes me Proud

Well ! i went to the Maternity Hospital today ! For the first time i decided not to ask when they will discharge AJ …. And surprise surprise ! they did let him go finally and Drooley and me came home along with our Son for the first time , then there was panic ! … All this time we were crying for our Son and suddenly here he is and we dont know what to do ! And he starts to cry , quick thinking … milk feed and then hiccups ! hiccups ! hiccups ! …. and i was like Holy God what i am gonna do now ! i think he is choking and i am helpless …. frantic call to the nieghour lady’s mother who is on Visit from Indiastan … She came running ! and held the baby and all was fine ….

Just now i am coming in to terms of what to do and what not to do…. specially when i gotta deal with the poop … just a mishap and it was everywhere a little on the edge of my mouth too …. its OK he is my Son .. not a big deal ! the fun part is wanting to hit the bed ( cz i am hell tired) but unable to get any sleep cz i am tooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy ! My Son came home my friends !

Lets Dance !

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17 comments on “He cries, he poops and he makes me Proud

  1. Welcome home baby Grey!!!!!! This post is really cute! (for a lack of a better word)
    I also never congratulated you on the birth of baby Grey … CONGRATULATIONS and as we say in kuwait “may he grow in your wealth” (rough translation)

  2. Chiki : Thankies ! Amen !

    Enigma : lol !just click on ‘mybaby’ tag and you will get it all…

    This Lady : yeah ! but i hope i wont be bitching about him all the time …

    Chirp : looool ! Thanks ! thanks Thanks !

    Fastlane : Sure , * sending Kisses From AJ to Fastlane *

    Sweet ha ?

  3. YAY!!

    I am excited..:D
    YOU got ur son finally ….havnt done blogging since long..first when I came to read urs..I was like I feel his son came to live …I KNOW I KNOW…


    I was right!!!

    Welcoome to life AJ :D!!!
    Waiting for u to grow up and start cursing it πŸ˜›

  4. Roses : πŸ˜€ ….. thanks ! i hope he wont be cursing life like i did !

    BuZiyad : thanks May God bless you too !

    Shosho : Oh ! he slept the whole day i think he will keep us awake all night !

    Shoush : lol ! thanks !Thanks !

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