The joy that poop brings

JOY : Joy is the feeling which you get , when your son doesn’t poop for 4 days and finally Doctor shove that ‘magic pill’ up his ass and the floodgates open …and you stand in adoration looking at the gooey , yellow stuff …. “awww he pooped ”
Then you wait for you wife to clean it up , but she calls it first ‘you clean ‘, and then you mess up the blankets , clothes and everything in the perimiter surrounding the cute pooper …. And once you cleaned him up , you hold him and kiss him…..
Thats Joy ….
The Moral : You can find happyness even in Poop !
Happy Crappy New Year ya’ll ( i think Mishmisha wished it , but im having it already hee hee)

By GreY Posted in AJ

13 comments on “The joy that poop brings

  1. LOL! yes thats the spirit , finding beuty in everything!

    lol only yours is letral misha misha’s metphoricly im guessing.

  2. LOOOOOOOOL!!! i kno the feelin, mom always made me clean my baby bro’s butt!.. wen i say no she tells me ” ur bros butt an6’af min ur cats butt”

    btw eyaaaniin mashalah ur son so0o0o cute smilah 3aleeh, 3asa alah y5aleeh lekum we7af6’a enshalah šŸ™‚

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