Cats in the Cradle

My mother called me , i was discussing about our baby boy …
She said ” Now you know the difficulty of raising your baby ? ” .. this was in connection with my teenage rampage because of which i messed up my life , (but hell ! i have no regretts , i am what i am , )
I wonder will i be reminding AJ the “favours” i did to him while he was a baby , like cleaning him up , buying toys and clothes , gifts… Just a thought flashed my mind , ” Just because he is my Son , does it mean i own him ?”
So I told her ” Just because AJ is my son , I dont own him , when the time will come and the wings are stronger ,he will fly , Which direction he takes , its his call , im just doing my fatherly duty without expecting returns , it may hurt a little if things will go wrong ( may be a lot) but I am not raising him expecting “return favours” cz he didnt ask me to bring him to this cruel world , i wanted him so that my life will be complete , “
I was very loud but Voice never came out , it just stayed in my head ! Some things are better not said ..
FYI Mom , Im a good Son , just thatyou should stop comparing me to others .
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14 comments on “Cats in the Cradle

  1. Blue : Thanks ! I will try to be one !

    Chika : I love my mother , just sometimes

    Amu : lol ! yeah i feel your pain !

    Oranjina : Free we are ! i agree !

    Amjad : Thanks Bro !

    Rianne : Very Well said !

    Ansam : Blood is thicker than water … thats why

  2. awwweeeeeeeeeeeee……

    to be honest I never read anything from what you wrote..I just wanted to say that AJ is adorable….

    ***broke my heart

  3. Desert Roses : lol ! He takes it from his Papa ( execpt that blunt nose Which he got from Mama )

    Eshdawa : I agree with you

    This Lady : I know ! They never change …* sigh *

  4. A little ironical though; you mentioned that your mother should stop comparing you with others while you yourself did it(but I am not raising him expecting “return favours” cz he didnt ask me to bring him to this cruel world , i wanted him so that my life will be complete)

    Strange! Anyway; Good luck in thinking that your life is complete!

  5. Grrr * Bites Joe in the @$$ * …

    lol , you didnt get what i meant when i said compare , compare is like this … my mom has a friend/ coleauge who’s son was in my class and he turned out to be some big shot IT guy in DXB where as i became a mere salesman … sooooooo everytime i get to here ‘He achieved this ” he achieved this ” ….. thats comparing ….

    i’m not mad at my mom , i love her verymuch and im sure she does love her ‘only son’ too, … nuff said

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