Stars on Earth

I dont do Movies reviews much , Even if i did Not Hindi movies by all means , Now that i am under my paternity Leave , Misus wanted to watch “Thare Zameen Par ” ( Stars on Earth ) … So got hold of this Pirate and got me a copy of TZP … and im just into 20 minutes of the movie and i am compelled to write about it …. Its Awesome , so real in life , not like usual Hindi movies dancing around the trees or one guy banging 20 thugs stuff . I am not getting words ….
Watch …. you will cry for sure … Cz i am … ( yeah wearing my femenine side out today )

5 comments on “Stars on Earth

  1. sounds good.. u heard of foreign movie theater here in Kuwait supposedly in samliya somewhere? maybe they should play this movie!

  2. Chika , Amu , Shosho : Please watch , nice movie you will like it ..

    Bu Ziyad : I think they are showing it through Cinescape in Q8 but i dont have time right now … hence the piracy …

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