Day 15 …. I started reading Chikapappi’s Blog

Hey Guys ! im just 15 days old and i just stumbled upon the blogsphere … * leaves some thumbprints on Chikapappi’s blog *
P.S : My Dad is working on my own blog as soon as he gets enough sleep

16 comments on “Day 15 …. I started reading Chikapappi’s Blog

  1. LOL! *kisses baby* *talks to baby AJ* : read baby reaaaaaaaaad!! this is you’re gonna start this πŸ™‚ and I am here, just refuse to blog on my own

  2. LoooooooL Very cute but you guys have got to be careful with the language since he’s under 18 looooooooool!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Cute hehe. :p

    Blog Day 1:
    I pooped today. Dad cleaned me up, I peed in his face haha.

    Blog Day 2:
    I pooped today. Mom cleaned me up, I like mommy more than daddy.

    Blog Day 3:
    I pooped today…

    πŸ˜› hehe.

  4. Amu : Thanks Uncle Amu …

    BBQ8 : Thanks !

    Aunt Chika : Your message isnt clear ! but Thanks Aunt Chika !

    Ammar: lol ! yeah ! i agree with you !

    Joy : Welcome and Thanks !

    Enigma : I know ! NO KFC for him heehee !

    Shosho : LMAO ! yeah i know ! i think the first word he will say will be WTF ? ( whats the fragrance ?)

    Shoush : loooooooool ! J J J .. InshaAllah next he will leave some prints on your blog !

    Soso : Thanks ! When is your cutie due ?

    la Riene : Welcome , & Thanks !

    N. : ROFLMAO ! the awesomest comment ! yey ! a lot of poop ! ofcourse !

    Rianne : Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

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