I got Panda Eyes !

I want to blog ! But i am under house arrest with my New Born Son , sleepless and tired because he keeps us awake all night ,and sleeps whole day , because of that i have lost appitite , my eating schedule has changed ,i am not hungry anymore , i am so sleepy but cant sleep cz he will get up any moment now ! I have huge dark circles around my eyes , so huge i can embarrass the Giant Panda ! I’m not getting words to write , im so tired …. probably i should quit blogging till i get back to work ….

I want to sleep !

I want to Sleeeeep!

I want to Sleeeeeeeep !



7 comments on “I got Panda Eyes !

  1. I remember those days . . . you have no idea what sleep deprivation can do to your character and personality until you become a parent . . . lack of sleep is just purely awful. It gets better – it DOES, it DOES, hang in there!

  2. Chiki : Laish ? Go sleep !

    This Lady : No i wont ! It was just an thought !

    Intlpatr : I have started to feel it already while driving …. one of these days something major gonna happen if i dont sleep well.

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