Standing by Uruj

OK ! Most probably you are not gonna like what i am gonna say ! so becareful ! dont get hurt or Dont hurt either .

I first wrote about Uruj back in November and got a earful of comments … Once again Mark wrote about Uruj Yesterday … also MacaholiQ8 wrote about her ( i left a comment there too ) …Anyway … The truth is FM99.7 Sucks big time …. i have been complaining about it time and time again ( just type ‘rkfm’ on my blog search and the shit will unfold) .. FM 99.7 plays the same music at the exact same time every day … probably the shuffle button is broken or whatever the reason , when Uruj replaced Dr Labouche she brought relief … first it was good then it became annoying ( with all the story time on wednesday ) anyhoo … when English FM in Kuwait is a Govt monopoly and songs like Virtigo by U2 get censored for having the words like

Girl with crimson nails
Has Jesus ’round the neck

Uruj is the only good thing that has happend to FM 99.7 .
Nobody … i say no body listens to FM 99.7 like i do …. because i am married to it by the stupid law of my fucking company that “FM 99.7 must be played all the time ” ( to thwart infighting over who plays which CD) … Uruj is a relief …has a good sense of humuor , and unlike Linda and Labooche knows what she is playing … Although i miss London Lady … Uruj is cool though not great … good enough !
Like i said … As a listener i have a choice to listen to Uruj or not listen to Uruj , but “bloggers”ganging up against a woman and leaving hateful comments is just a shame .

URUJ if you read this You Go Girl ! Be who you are ! Say what you wanna say ! how ever tone you like it … Just be you !


12 comments on “Standing by Uruj

  1. That right, because of censorship 99.7 has a low budget (I guess) they don’t have enough music, they have the oldest music too, and i bet that there equipment is rotten old! I never get a good signal in my car especially from 99.7!

  2. Well I haven’t listened to 99.7 since my college days and I don’t know who uruj is but playing old music is better than the stupid meaningless today music lol! I wouldn’t mind if I hear Take On Me everyday 100 times lol!!

  3. I think it is important to give constructive criticism.

    What one says on the air is important and should be professional in every sense of the word.

  4. i commented on marks post that i like most of the music she plays but that tone she pulls off when she talks sounds fake and gets annoying……. its like we shud always be in suspense or something. But u r right in one thing.. she is the best thing that happened to 99.7. Linda pisses me off

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  6. sorry to disappoint you grey, i can’t stand this woman’s voice! it is totally irritating and unprofessional! will do for kids under 5 though.. it’s actually become a joke to many of us!

  7. am sorry its her voice that kills me the tone makes me go noooooooooooooooooo stop talking play the damn song

    she has no rythem
    dr labbosh is much better as a radio voice
    and also linda more clear and spontainous

    forgive my misspelled words

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