Uruj 17 – Bloggers 0

Remember the day when Iran beat Maldieves 17-0 …. Well something like that happend on the air waves today … Bloggers/whiners against DJ Uruj … Bloggers left comments on Mark’s Blog and Uruj just took it real personal ( she should , anyone would when people leave personal attacking comments under nicknames ) Uruj fought back gallantly as i was expecting she would , at first i thought she lost it but she gathered her act together and smashed everyone to a homerun …
Amer’s comment cracked he up ” the mama tuna remark ‘
But she was really hard on ‘Suspic‘ …. i mean realllllll hard !
Then there were whips and punches pulled at a regular intervel .
My comment was read last (23) she actually read the remark “First raise your fist and now show the bird to the losers” …. Muhahahaha i think she didnt know what’s a “bird” is ..

Final remarks were how she didnt run the super station and requesed listeners not to blame her for the censored music ….

Way to go Gurl ! But you made me listen two hours of techno today ! No regrets !

Moral of the story : Judge not Lest ye be judged .


14 comments on “Uruj 17 – Bloggers 0

  1. what do you mean by “the mama tuna remark”?
    LOOL ;p Uruj 17 – Bloggers 0
    that gotta heart someone or so many ;p

  2. Chika : I’m sorry …but i think it was fair … you wrote and she replied … nothing personal i guess !

    Fadidra : looool ! i am having a ball ! i mean i am on no one’s side … just reporting what i heard !

    Susupic : Man ! she thought you were a girl and she took on you point by point !
    she never mentioned anyone’s name as she said no point in mentioning everyones’ name because all are under psudeo

    Dont take offence at me , im just reporting what happend … she re-named you as a “coward”

    Peace … Waves

  3. Honestly I really feel sorry for her…

    I mean, yeah obviously I don’t know her and don’t know whether she sucks on air or not and whether her program sucks or not, since I’m not in Kuwait, but common… people have really been so harsh on her, AND they’ve been attacking her under nicknames, no real names! If I was in her place I would really feel like shit, lol.

  4. Why a girl! Why!

    Other than that, any publicity is good publicity. I pretty much told her to get a whole new personality in 5 steps, so I don’t blame her.

    Were her comebacks at least funny?!

    Much love to you,

  5. Esh : She said that , first she went like ‘britney’ then she said one of her coleauge had to chill her down … i call it even because most of the comments were just not in the level of decency ..

    Amjad : RIght ! its like all the bloggers targeting my blog and asking me to either improve or quit … which is just not anyone’s business.

    Suspic : I dont know , she was like ” may be your boy friend got a another girl with short skirt and big hmmm ‘ and stuff …. but thanks man ! how often you get to hear a things like this in Kuwait … You made my day actually hee hee !

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