Tata does it .. Finally

After years of waiting for the worlds cheapest car , A $2,500 … finally India’s TATA released TATA NANO . The reason i’m blogging about this ‘ no extra feature’s ” car is now its easy to give gift to ‘someone’ who threw a knife at me for not buying ‘a car’ .

Thank Mr Tata .


10 comments on “Tata does it .. Finally

  1. Dude, cars like these r not cheap for nothing. Its because in no time at all, they’re gonna break down and u gotta buy a new one!

  2. Amu : loool ! yeah ! something like that …. ‘loving family’ eh ?

    This Lady : Not true , when it comes to India … things last pretty long ! at least they make sure the car is well maintained !

  3. RayBoy : Lada ..really ? Wont be less than 7750 KD is it ?

    Ammar : lool ! yeah ! pimp my TATA babe !

    Kenneth : Exactly ! just the car meant for Indian ROads

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