Setting standard for C grade blogs.

I was watching NDTV tonight , TV hostess Burka Dutt was interviewing Indian Blogger’s . It was about pro’s and con’s of blog sphere . How blogs are categorized in Proffessional, Mature intelectuals and immature ( in my case , i plead insanity) . Anyhow that made me reflect on “why i blog. Why i am crazy about blogs” .
Before i say anything a quick intro about myself … I am a college drop out . English is not one of my strengths , Till i was 17 i never even made a effort to speak in English . I barely passed in English Subject . Due to my lack of education, life has been a tough Journey , but hell ! i have no regrets … Here today Gone tomorrow , WTF ?? Like Kansas sang ” all we are just Bunny’s trying get laid before the journey ends” (OK OK i made that up .)
Now back to the main topic , I am defenetly not an Intellectual , at least i am not trying to pretend to be one . I am no philosopher either . Just a common man you see while you walk down that mall or street , (For f##k sake…. i sell shoe’s for living .) I’m your very common man on the street with no talent what so ever trying get to that finish line just like anyone else . Only the difference is i am leaving my mark ( crap as some might say ) on every nook and corner of the blogsphere a bit differently . So does it mean that , because i admit that this is a C grade blog i shouldn’t be here ? Many of you may agree with that , ( i keeeel you ) but i want to know ‘who decides who should write and who shouldn’t ?’ Certainly, writing has a standard and this blog doesn’t meet it even half the way , Best part is i don’t even give an rat’s ass for all the grammer mistakes . So what’s next ? Quit ??? like so many others have done ? Hell No ! I’m here to stay …Like it or Not . The reason is simple , I have a voice , i have a mind ( bleh) and in the bounds of my functional 2 ,1/4 % of brain i am going to rant and ramble and crap as long as friggin Google doesn’t charge me for that . Me not being here is asking George Bush not to be the President or Asking Richard Branson to get laid ( is he still a Virgin ?) I mean i am here by the power vested in my by the Great Internet . More over i have already paid to stupid ‘Zain’ ( ISP) well in Advance … So why not ???

Just setting the standard for a new level of blogging .. “If GreY can …. You can …. Let’s Crap.”
Check your Google PageRank!
Whats your page rank ?


19 comments on “Setting standard for C grade blogs.

  1. to me, there isn’t any specific standers to writing. you write what the hell you want, screw grammar, spelling and punctuation. I honestly prefer blog that isn’t high intellectual and edited!

    My page ranked 3! and I don’t care 😀

  2. Who gives a damn if his/her blog is grade A,B, C, OR Z for god’s sake.. As long you’re saying what you want and you’re happy that’s what counts. We have enough ranking and catgorizing in the real world.. I say lets leave blogs with no ranking or grading.

    If I wanted something to be graded or ranked I would go and publish a book.. Therefore my blog has no ranking of any sort 🙂

  3. Hey I too was watching NDTV last nite, but I am ashamed to say, tho I have heard a lot about blogging, I havnt a clue how to go about it. Can anyone help me???

  4. For a person who has barely passed an English class you write well. The important part about communication is that you manage to get your thought across. I think you succeed in many of your posts so keep up the great work! I am a barely-existing blog so I have yet to find my voice. I believe the only person my blog is for is myself.

  5. hey, we got the same rank…for me I don’t care either 0 or 10 as long as I’m enjoying my work, that’s what matters most 🙂

  6. I totally agree with u, there are alot of bloggers out there who are so cocky….they’ve been to my post a few times telling me to post “valuable” posts, just on my last post recently…”valuable” my ass…

    I just wanna write what i want….

    I dont know how it got all “professional”….blogging in the beginning was invented to write about your personal life…it’s like an electronic diary to share your thoughts and secerts with everybody….

    But now its like:”u have to post meaningful and valuable posts”

    and i have noticed this I SWEAR…EVERYTIME i log on safat im like “whats happeing?? everybody now is posting statistics and making critiques”


    Good that u had brought up this topic…

  7. u can read the mocking in my last post….just wanted to mention that i just posted about this yesterday…

    as the brits says…”cheers” ew!!!


  8. Noufa : lol ! we are on the same boat … dont read intelectual blogs that much ..

    Fourme : Right said ! i agree ! i agree

    STinni : Thats a relief ! im in good company then !

    Amu : lol ! I cant remember the last time you cried … hee hee ! * bro Hug *

    Anon : lol dude ! ” if GreY can … You can “

    Ephoria : hee hee ! Come on ! there must be ‘an error on page ” .. i like your blog !

    Kuwaiti Woman : 😛 , i wasn’t lieng , i am still terrible at grammer .. just subscribed to your blog ,

    Rianne : lol ! i know it doesnt matter to me too … but just for the kick of it …

  9. I’m also a 3. What the hell, it means nothing! It’s not like you pay extra to fly first class! You are doing an excellent job Grey, keep posting! It’s there for everyone’s enjoyment!

  10. dude, there’s no standard here. this is the real world. if it wasn’t worth checking out, you would have approximately.. zero people visiting (or revisiting at least)

    this is the internet. what makes no sense in other parts of life makes sense here. keep doing your thing man.

  11. Hey! You decide whether or not you want to write. You shouldn’t care whether or not people grade your blog. It doesn’t matter who you are. You’re here to blog, and others have the choice whether or not to read.

  12. Pupy Love : I know , i cant understand since when blogging became all Pro ! ANd yeah ! everyone is a expert on the net to crit others …

    BB : lool ! so no one gets 4 in Q8? … thanks man ! thats inspiring word !

    Ammar : 😛 , right ! never thought about that ! May be my stat counter gone crazy hee hee !

    Amethyst : Correct ! Its all about choice . … 😛

  13. hey is not about what accomplished in ur life, or where u stand today..its about ur personality and whether ur living ur life to the fullest (regardless of wht ur doing to fulfill this)..

    and to me, i enjoy visiting ur blog, ur posts are entertaining, so i give u an A:)

  14. Hey, I thought blogs were meant for people to “crap” all over the place any way they wanted to?! Who’s ranking blogs anyway?! That’s the stupidest thing ever, taking sense away from the process of blogging. I blog to speak and speak about whatever I want. I had a blogger “friend” who continuously criticized how much I talked about myself on my blog. I hate it when people try to change you to match them, don’t you?!

    And by the way, I got 3,, I enjoyed reading! =)

    Cheerz =D

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