Attention Building owners … I can be your Haras .

I want to be a Haras ,aka the Nathoor ,aka Building Super . I figured out it is the only lucrative job out there in Kuwait with least responsibility and a lot of money .I want to quit my low paying ‘shoe selling ‘ job and be a Haras for good . I am tired of slogging and not making much out of it . Look at my building Watchman .. When i took the flat he asked me for 100KD as ‘halawa’ money(aka bribe) to allot me the flat . I am staying in a old building right now , cz the rooms are massive and the rent is cheap compared the new ‘Chicken hut’ like buildings that have come up in the last three years and the rent is so high i cant afford to stay alone . When i took the flat the Haras put conditions that 100 KD halawa money +10KD a month Bakshees ( gift) … despite of that He doesn’t throw my garbage , doesn’t wash my car but i wanted the flat so badly i had agreed , It’s a 2BHK 140 rent + 10 KD to the Haras … still a lot cheaper than the new buildings . Then he didn’t paint my house ,when i took over from the last tenant, I’m sure he must have charged the building owner for that also. In the end i wanted the flat and i coughed up to nearly 300 KD and renovated the shit hole and started living there… To my horror i found out that ( through my Arab neighbour) one of the paper that i have signed along with the rent contract is the ‘vacating notice’ .Because i don’t read Arabic i signed the paper that looked like … huh….”paper” ( I’m sorry i am an Indian so i am a door mat). Now i realize that me and the other tenants of the building are at the total Mercy of the Haras . So I try to avoid him , just meet him on Rent day , make sure that i don’t mess with him , so i have told all my Friends to be as quite as they can when they come to my house .” Please do not agitate my Haris”
OK that was about my present building , the other reason i want to be a Haras is because , the place i lived before ( like a chicken) has 10 floors , each floor has 4flats ( 40) now each flat tenant “must” pay KD5 for Garbage disposal and KD5 for car wash ( no flats will be given without car) so that is 400KD net . The Haras has employed two Bangali’s to wash car and garbage disposal, can you believe that ? . and he would sit on a chair like a Maharajah “harassing” every woman passed bye .
More Dangerous was the next door Haras , he had rented the flats for himself and sub let it to bachelors , This fellow must have made money in millions . Probably he is one of the richest guy in Bangladesh . Finally one day the Kuwaiti owner woke up and realised what his Haras was doing and cleansed the building and got rid of the Haras .
So my request to you building owners , If you have building’s here in Kuwait , please consider this post as an application . I am an Indian National , married , have a son . All i need is a place to stay in your building(s) .You don’t have to pay me Salary , in fact i will pay you for my residence . All i need is to be your building haras and you can take 5% of the money i make . I will pay you 10% if your building is near School . It’s a win win situation for both of us . I make money, and you make even more money . What you say ?

P.S : Please don’t harass your Haras because of this post .. lot of good Haris out there too.


7 comments on “Attention Building owners … I can be your Haras .

  1. That’s the problem if you can’t read Arabic! You may sign something that could hurt you very bad in the end! It’s a damn shame that some people can take advantage of people like that. Can’t you contact the building owner and tell him about the initial and monthly bribe monies?

  2. We are in Block 10 Salmiya .Kinda Manhattan for Indians …Its customary to pay ! Moreover i don’t want to be kicked out of the building ! what if he and the Kuwait are best buds? I have made my peace with it .

  3. Now you’ve made me interested in applying for the job.

    Hell, I’d better rob a bank and buy a building of my own and then hire you to money laundry the whole thing and double my fortune. And might as well start a union and you’ll be the life time chairman 🙂

  4. Oh my God, i’ve heard stories like these but come on Grey, be wise! Dont sign things u dont read! Let the embassy or someone u TRUST translate it for u.

    Also, its good that ur avoiding the HARIS (not haras). But doesnt that cost u a lot?

  5. Amu : lol !!!

    Z:What ? grandma ? didnt get you !

    Touche : lol ! agreed ! when shall i start ?

    This Lady : :p , ther wasn’t much time ! in Salmiya if a flat is vacant there are hundreds applying , so i had to rush up thing , I asked my neighbour all have signed the same document .

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