Kafakd by Salmiya Jamaiyya

I bought 5 tins of Infant milk powder from the Salmiya Co-op . That was yesterday. But AJ was refusing to drink the milk , I figured out that the milk powder was almost near expiry and wouldn’t dilute properly so he was crying the whole night . First thing in the morning I headed down to the Salmiya Jamiyya . As soon as I entered the Jamiyya I was stopped by the security guard from some Al Abraj co. After explaining my case I was then lead to another security guard inside the Jamiyya , I was already feeling like a criminal who was caught red handed , in my case I was only exchanging the near expiry milk powder ( i know i should have checked before buying , sorry i am not perfect).
The security guard inside said ‘not possible , go, go ”
“ I was like WTF ? why ? I have the receipt and it was just yesterday that I bought this milk . He was like “no ,no , Go , go “ . as if some stray dog had wandered inside the Jamiyya
This usually happens to me when I speak to non Kuwaiti Arabs , because I am an Indian National who looks like an Arab and speaks Kuwaiti dialect which often doesn’t go well with other Arabs (Surprise, surprise), but i only know Kuwaiti dialect . I told the guard “Please call the manager,I want to speak to him “ . He took the microphone and called the Manager several times , after few minutes , I saw the guard was nodding his head to some one , some hapless Lebanese looking guy approached me , the security guard intervened and starts to explain to him , i told the guard ” please step aside , let me talk to the him myself” . And I explained to him , told him how the milk was just about to expire in a month and my son wouldn’t drink it and all I want is to exchange it to something else, not asking for a refund .
To my surprise He was rude , very rude , (may be he got upset CZ an Indian made him come down to his desk ), he told me “Ministry of Health “ does not permit the exchange of Infant Milk powder “ ( By now , I was feeling that the Security guard had already decided my fate , may be they are ‘best buds or something”)
I was like WHAT? WHY?
He said it’s the rule and it is written up here .
I looked up , there was something written in Arabic , since i don’t read Arabic I read it as “ Idiots Work here, If you are Indian ,go away , don’t fuck around ” but he said it’s written “ Infant haleeb ..Mafi tabdeel”
Howly crap ! I pleaded, I have worked in FMCG for many many years and I know that the supplying company replaces the unsold/expired items, so there is no one is losing here . I tried to convince him but what the arrogant was “if you purchased the milk and stepped out side the Jamiyya door even for a minute , and came back , I will not exchange” ( i wonder if he had the guts to say this to a Kuwaiti)
ahhhh… Real insult , he was rubbing salt to my already insulted manhood . I said “I will complain”
He said “K-fuck” ( kayfuck means as you wish) “ if you have Wasta , go complain to Health Ministry and see if they will allow you to exchange “ .
I said “I will write it in the news papers”
He said “K-Fuck”
I was furious and threatened him of throwing the four milk tins in the garbage .
Once again I was “K-Fucked “
Now ! I am a cool man but lose my temper very quickly , I just pulled the dust bin under his seat and dumped the four milk tins with a big thud and walked out with a spat at the stupid Jamiyya and the retards who work there….. Drove all the way to LULU super market. My bill was KD 40. Jamiyya’s loss was LULU’s gain , thanks to the K-fucking idiot .
And they cry about Jamaiyya’s not doing well in Kuwait , with rude/racist staff and stupid exchange policies like these who wants to buy from the stupid Jamiayya ? its over priced anyways compared to all the private hyper market.
I have myself to blame ! Although I got K-fucked for 8KD , Jamiyya lost a valuable customer . InshaAllah soon you will go out of business and Wal Mart will take over you. You have been cursed by my Son’s milk .

Salmiya Co-Op … You have been K-fucked for life . I will never step foot inside you . “Kayfi ” or the good Egyptians would say “Mazagi”

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21 comments on “Kafakd by Salmiya Jamaiyya

  1. i abide by the rules , but the secu guard had no right to intervene ,thats not his job . they could have told in a better way . not askingme to get wasta & stuff

  2. I join you in not going to Salmiyah Jam3iya. City Centre is jsut across the road anyway with more selections and a few coffee places downstairs.

  3. They obviously have no sense of client-service! If these items were unopened, i don’t see any reason why he couldn’t exchange it? Why don’t you e-mail some of the news papers and tell them what happened? But then again, would that help? I don’t think so…

  4. Don Veto : Thanks Sir , But you don’t have to .. The reason i went to jamiya was cz CC ran out of milk …

    BB: I know it won’t help ! thats why i blogged about it … just to let go the steam ..

  5. When we trust the makers of baby formula more than we do our own ability to nourish our babies, we lose a chance to claim an aspect of our power as women. Thinking that baby formula is as good as breast milk is believing that thirty years of technology is superior to three million years of nature’s evolution. Countless women have regained trust in their bodies through nursing their children, even if they weren’t sure at first that they could do it. It is an act of female power, and I think of it as feminism in its purest form

  6. Anon : More power to breast feeding , the problem is my boy is big and his appitite is massive and mothers milk is not enough ! So !

    Ansam : Tell me about it ! it sucks big time .

  7. Good for you! Boycott the stupid racist bastards. Go to Lulu hypermarket, or City Center, they have lower prices, and better customer relations.

  8. Rule says no return no exchange? WTF! I say, that is total crap…anywhere you go…exchange and refunds are accommodated especially if you have a valid reason…besides, you told them, you can just have it exchanged, so it will in no way hamper their accounting or whatever crap.

    What happened to you is just way horrific and I’m with you with badmouthing them…like tell all people you meet about it! 😀

    What about SalmiyaJamaiyyaSucks.blogspot.com? 😉

  9. I support breast milk all the way, and if not enough give him pepsi, that worked for me, I still remember I liked pepsi more than milk….!!!

  10. Mariposa : lol ! yeah i should start a blog ! but as u know i am too occupied with my kido !

    ExZombie : Lmao ! yeah pepsi it is , in fact i know a kid who started on pepsi by 6th month and later devoloped joint pain problems ! …

  11. Hey anon…doesn’t mean they have been doing it since, it’s right…it only made matter worst, because oh my…they have been doing the wrong thing for a long time! 😛

  12. I exchanged my son’s formula before in City Centre Shuwaikh with no difficulties,,,so I think it’s not really against the rule…I hate Coops! Really!

  13. There is no such thing as a newborns apetite exceeds his mothers capacity to produce milk… take my advise and invest in a good breast pump, even if its not sufficent dont let breast milk dry up. its the stupidest thing you could do to deprieve your child. seriously this is one of the reasons why babies are so fussy cos formula is fucked up crap that makes them super constipated…. i am a working mum to an infant too. its challenging as hell but i am commited to give my child breast milk as much as possible. that means i have to carry a pump to work and express every free minute of my crazy day.

    if you still made up ur mind to use fuck all formula on ur beautiful baby, then i suggest supplementing with lots of water. and lots of burping cos that crap can produce gas and that is painful!

    all the best

  14. benefits of breast milk-
    its free, right temp, helps mother-child bonding, does not constipate ur baby, u dont need to supplement with water or anything else for a whole months after birth, its has a gazillion antibodies that kick any infections ass big time, ur baby will get healthier, chubbier, cry less and be generally more happy, breast milk has a hidden ingredient it seems that teaches a newly forming brain of how to develop good eating habits ie breast feed babies seemed to be wired to automatically know when they are full thus not needing to over-eat, it is this tendency that carries on later in life and helps them to not become obese! also crap formula teaches the brain to store useless fat!!!

    pls pls pls breast feed ur lil one. its the best gift u can give him now as parents. buy a good breast pump and express milk at least 2 times a day , this will increase the milk supply automatically!

  15. ANon : That is awesome info ! We are all for breast milk , But doctor adviced tin milk because he had lost weight , anyways my wife has to join work soon , and with her beast of Boss i dont think she will get time to pump milk .

  16. Its so sad, the state of medical care in this country that a doctor would advise young impressionable parents that formula is better than breast milk and the baby will gain weight with it… hell ya it will gain weight but not the good kinda gain weight… This is the reason why you see obese pathetically stupid arab kids everywhere who grow up to be security men in co-ops or doctors in govt clinics…cos their mothers didnt bother with breast milk either..possibly thats the reason why they didnt want the crap back at the co-op!!!!

    All babies loose weight in the first month, cos they are suddenly coping with life outside a comfy womb… after taht its about 250 gms weight gain a week that too on just good old mama milk.

    i am sorry that your wife has an ass of a boss who interferes with her basic human rights like this. All the best to the both of you and lil angel… in the end what he really needs is your love and attention.

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