Murderous monkey men of Kuwait

Why some people are plain idiots ? There are two tenants in my building who have plants on the window , which are not secure , couple of days ago wind was blowing hard and one of the flower pots fell down , luckily it was night time and no one got injured , despite of the fact that one of the pots had fallen down the retard is still adamant and refuses to take down the plants . I wonder what kind of moron is he ? How can some one enjoy beauty of flowers by risking the life of some innocent by passer ?
I once knocked on the door of a idiot who had this massive flower pot on the 5th floor window, right above the passageway. I explained to him that he was risking the lives of people , his wife screamed at him ” how many more people have to knock on the door to tell you this ?” … it was a year ago , But sadly the flower pot is still there , tied by a thin nylon rope . I mean WTF ? Why people are so selfish and dim-witted? Place like Kuwait with high speed winds at times , What makes us ‘murderers in waiting?’

10 comments on “Murderous monkey men of Kuwait

  1. How about trying a new aproch 🙂 place a bunch of horrible bugs on the plant so he removes it :P. Beilive me it will work dont ask me how i know, but make sure ur window isnt to close to the plant other wise ull be screwed 2 .

  2. thats because you have incosiderate idiots who think they run the world. here what i would do, stand close to the pot and throw rocks at it till it falls and breaks. just make sure youre not standing right under it :p

    the problem is we dont have rules to enforce this stuff… i mean, i dunno if the cops would do anything even if you called them

  3. Jay” lol ! of course they keep it there on purpose , to gaze on the beauty and kill innocent people ! 😀

    Chika : Yeah i know !

    Mariposa : haris ? but no use , i tried .

    Z. : loool ! xellent ! now tell me where i can find bugs ?

    Ammar : Man ! you have guts ! i can’t throw stones at someone’s window ! hee hee ! Our Cops ? forget about it .

  4. Idiots. I’d call the owner of the bulding if i were u. Or better yet, the cops. 😛 It’s not a joke, it’s a dead serious issue. A risk to the lives of innocent ppl as u mentioned. Stupid ppl!

  5. You can do this but you need to have a sniper’s accuracy. Try to bring down the pot by pelting it.
    Remember, you need to be good at targeting, else you will hit their window and I don’t have to say what will follow!

  6. why look for the bugs let the bugs come to u 🙂 pick a corrner and put some thing the bugs might like and not the cats and they shall come 😛

  7. Shoush : thats an good idea !

    Joel : Man ! you are dangerous ! but yeah should try some of stone throwing skills

    Z. : Now i get it ….hee hee ! 😛

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