Life eej Hard !

Well , distance can be a bloody mofo , killing relationships once and for all , they say out of sight is out of mind. I have fought my share of the distance demons and won over them . My wife’s work starts at8 and she’s home by 5 , but my work is such , i am usually home by 10.30PM, we miss each other for more than 14 darn hours everyday . so i call her almost every half an hour , though at times she is busy and shouts at me for disturbing her . Thats when we are working and there is ton’s of love , even after so many years of marriage we are just like newly weds . This is Ancient history ….
Since AJ is born and that we both are on ‘vacation’ , we are confined to the bedroom . And AJ !!!! man he is handsfull for us .. doesn’t sleep at night so we are taking turns …. i stay awake at night and she takes care when my battery runs out … so most of the time either one of us is sleeping or away ( buy grocery/paperwork) . And in the evening whatever the time that we are awake she is watching TV and i am on the Internet . this has been going on for many days now . So yesterday i told her about our situation and told her how i missed her so much . She too said that she missed me and how life is not the same anymore … and just when there was this teeny tiny moment of romance ( yey ! i have forgotten what it is ) …. AJ starts to cry ……

Man ! life is never going to be the same again , i can’t wait till i go back to work , at least i will get to talk to my wife .

Moral of the sthory is you can be millions of miles away even when you are in the same room .

Life eej Hard Man ! It eej !

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12 comments on “Life eej Hard !

  1. This is soooooo Awesome that you and your wife are still honeymooning, Keep that alive for the whole marriage!! oh and A.J. is sooo gonna get his days and nights together! then you and your wifey will have a lot of time with one another!

    Remember Keep the fire going!!!
    LOL!! I am offering relationship help and I am STILL SINGLE!!! LOL!!!

  2. loool ! thanks or shall i say Todah !
    How the fire is on ? that will be the next blog topic ! hee hee ! you’ll be suprised to know what binds a marriage

  3. Grey, offtopic but I noticed AJ’s tongue and had to mention it! here we say when the baby’s tongue is wide then it will be followed by a girl!

  4. omg…mf bf works in day and i work in the evening…i can only imagine how life will be if we’re married and will have kids…

    maybe if you’re near with family you can let the baby sit for AJ sometimes no?

  5. SS: Thanks dear , even you are on my Google reader 😛

    Enigma : ooooo ! just what i need , but not right now ! 😀

    Chika : lool ! woman ! i will write a special post for u !

    Amu : Thanks , And yes you can have a son without getting married ! Why 1 you can have as many as u want hee hee !

    Mariposa : No we are on our own here ! Our parents are not willing to come ! But we have hired an maid already . Dont have a choice .

  6. Soo cute u 2, mashala! I hope it’s always gr8 between u too. 🙂 And AJ, sooo cute, lol! I love this pic! And everyone says the hardest days are the first few months, but eventually he’ll grow inshala and start going to nursery and KG etc, so hopefully by then u’ll hav more hours of undisturbed sleep. 😛 Unless another baby comes along. 😛

    Cmon, u 2 shud feel blessed. Babies are a gift from God and not everyone is fortunate enuf to be blessed with such a gift. And not everything can be sweet all the time. It’s gotta be sweet and sour so that u learn to appreciate the sweet when it comes. 😉

  7. MP : lool! i know

    Shosh : i typed this in one hand cz the cute guy is sleeping in the next and its 2.30am …. cant wait till i get some sleeeeeeep

    TL: it gets a lot cuter than this … but i need to get some sleep if he lets me

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