I’m Scewed !

MIL is coming soon ! Ministry approved the Visit Visa , I’m Screwed ….. There goes my happyness ! Get ready for a lot of bitching and whining !

29 comments on “I’m Scewed !

  1. Ammar : He he ! I am from Indiastan , From Mumbai ( southern dude settled in the Big city )… Sowwy for not answering first ! 😛

  2. Shish : You don’t know her ! Chance of survival are less!

    Enigma : lol ! i think she will not come ! she is in two minds ! i hope she doesnt come ..

  3. big mistake… u shud never get the MIL, and its the worse time of all.. when u just have ur first baby!!! i pity you. mainly becos i just got rid of my own. Seriously it will bring a lot of strain on the marriage, tension in the home environment, she wont really do anything other criticise and sit her big behind in front of the TV all day long. so forgot about being able to sleep in the nite… the only one to sleep will be her!

    i just had a baby in nov and am from the same place as you. i no the drill of family giving out crap and comparing babies. dont bother about all this ‘fair’shit that indians waste their time on. and next tiem be smart and goof up the visa application real bad! i think AJ is an angel btw.

  4. ps- better sit your wife down and have a serious talk to her about how anxious you are… i did the same with the hubby…. and in the end he was a big support esp everytiem i wanted to stab myself in the eye with a fork

  5. Anon : lol , tell me about it . I am trying to be the bigger person here , but i have already told my wife about the consequences , and she knows but she had given her word that she could visit her ( just this once) so i just want her to be honest to her promise and get over with it ( never to bring MIL again ) so lets wait and see … may be she will not come .

  6. Why dont woman ever grow up?For generation..since ages…once a lady becoms a MIL..she loses her sanity and start bitching for rest of her life….
    what they dont teach you in Zoology:Life cycle of female (Homo Sapiens)
    Daughter—->Married woman—>MIL—>>>>BITCHY—->>BITCHY till dead.

    God bless you 🙂

  7. Fighter Jet : LMAO ! i’m gonna push my wife out of 6th floor if she ever becomes like her mom , but chances are less as they are quite the opposite , she’s more like her Dad … i respect him. Such a gentleman.

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