Racism begins at home .

Someone stole AJ’s thunder . There is a new Kid in the family. His name is AGK . He was born 15 days after AJ was born . AGK was due first but AJ arrived much earlier . AGK is cute very ‘fair’ , where as AJ is cute but dark in complexion than AGK . Now the ‘witches’ of the family are using this as a weapon . And the barrage of comments are neve ending . Personally we don’t mind as they say ‘parents love their kid even if it was a possum ‘ . I wonder why people are so narrow minded and color oriented . I wonder what is wrong with the ‘brown’ color ? Why some people are not proud of their skin color but want to be Micheal Jackson wannabe’s?
Some comments go like this ” He i s dark compared to AGK na ? good you had a boy , if he were a girl it would be difficult to find boy ( as in arranged marriage) .

” Aww ! cute kid , but a bit dark , but he is a boy , so OK”

Aww ! kalia ( blacky)

After many of these comment finally drooley is caving in to them and now has started the process of whitening AJ. But i blame the pictures because i am using 2mega pixel mobilephone and even worse all the photographs are taken under the ‘Fluorescent Light Tube, which makes him look darker . But Tube light or not . He is my son and i love him just the way he is . Fair or Dark i don’t care and i don’t give a damn to anyone who is comparing him to AGK …

A big FO.

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20 comments on “Racism begins at home .

  1. Aww your kid is soooo cute!! hheh Love the pic, he seems to not like those cream, he is proud of his colour!

    I don’t care about colour either. My big boy is very dark compared to me but his father is dark and my second boy is fair like me though still I am much fairer.. but to tell you the truth, I hate my colour! I love a tanned look!

    and oh we have that in Kuwait, if a boy is dark they won’t mind as much as if it were a girl it PISSES me off!! They look at my big boy and they are like poor fella he is soo dark lol!

    That pic is sooo cute yaaar!!!

    Hey look at kajol she is soo dark but soo pretty, to my eyes she is much more exotic and beautiful than Ash ( Ok don’t like that girl blah!)

  2. Enigma : Thats already been suggested by one of the grandma’s.

    Shosho : Thanks Shosho! He looks like me , but sometimes people say like mother ….But mostly like me i guess !

  3. cute kid!

    don’t let anyone give you crap about skin color.. after all, skin color is only skin deep!

    …some say he looks like your mother? that’s odd. i though guys were supposed to look like.. guys!
    : )

  4. Oh my god how mean! tell those hags to piss off, the kid is adorable. who cares if he’s white, pink, yellow, black or Grey for that matter. As long as he has ten fingers and ten toes he’s fine and set for life :p

  5. LOOOOOOOOOL Enigma! naaaasteeeh! LOL

    Well Grey, you know you have a special kid with all the love it took to make him, no one can be mores special.. to you at least 🙂

  6. Mashallah! He’s oh-so-cute! OmG!!! Mashallah!! Lookie at his eyes! :O

    Hey.. I actually love his skin-tone. Like Shosho, I like being tanned- brings out a healthy glow.

    Chicka’s one enlightened girl ain’t she? Completely agree with her 🙂

    Don’t rub any of that fair and shitty thing on that poor baby! :O The only thing you (or anyone for that matter) should be rubbing = Johnson’s baby oil gel 😛

  7. Hi been reading your blog for some time now but never have time to comment. I must warn you,do not use whitening creams on your babys skin its dangerous.most creams are meant for adult use only as baby skin is more sensitive,and is still developing.please read the label,google the ingredients and find out whatever you are using is safe for your babys skin.please do. There are many ingredients in these creams that have not been properly tested and the safety of it is questionable.

  8. Jay : lol , yeah i think he looks like me , but i think his face keeps changing everyday .

    Fourme : i totally agree with you.

    Chika : lol chika , i love my boy no matter what color he is

    Maya : OMG welcome to my blog ! no i am not rubbing anything ..

    Lamya : Welcome , thanks for reading my blog , The white thing on his face . it is the Johnson Baby powder …

  9. My Nephew is wonderful the way he is., Color has nothing to do with it, he is so handsome he is going to be running from the girls! I have a few choice words for then mean azzes.. Tell them to Eff off! A.J. is the MAN!!!!!!

    Auntie Ne.

  10. AJ is cute!

    …and who the hell says color matters, eh?

    This happens to my nephew too, people say he is darker than us…my brother’s wife is darker than us…but hello, I spent a lot getting myself some tan, so?!

  11. Ne : lol ! i hope he will be have girl trouble ..hee hee !

    Mariposa : After this , i will make sure that all those effing people will hear an earful from me should they talk about the color.

  12. AJ is cute, cute, cute and some more cute 😀

    I for one, love his complexion.

    Different people have different tastes. My sister is a lot darker than i am and i always wished i had her skin tone.

    Oh, and i agree, with those eyes he would definitely be a lady-killer

  13. lol ! i dont know why color has to be a big fuss in India… had a tough time this vacation … now they compare my son to his cousin Bro… some people are just impossible.

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