When your wife earns more than you

Should i be Jealous if She is earning more than me ?
I mean i came to Kuwait first , back in the early 90’s ,
She came recently two years back,
It took me a decade to be where i am , ( speaking of salary)
Her first pay was equallent of mine ,
Now she is has gone ahead ,
Should i be Jealous ?
Should i be competing with her ?
Is it shameful for men if wife is earning more ? Never been in this situation before,
I don’t feel anything, but i am proud of her,
But what others will say , family circles is full of witches and bitches,
Should i hide? I don’t know,
i love her, i’m proud of her,
She’s the best thing that ever happened to me ,
My love for her is unconditional,
But why the hell i am singing John lennon’s Jealous Guy since morning?


24 comments on “When your wife earns more than you

  1. no you ain’t jealous and it’s a normal human reaction.. don’t forget that she is sharing her life with you, which includes her money 🙂 hope you make 3 times more than her soon :p

  2. well you can look at it this way.. you came in the early 90’s when we were fresh out of the invasion and the economy was nothing like it is 2 years ago.

    it is not shameful, and even though being jealous is normal, dont let this affect your relationship.

    the others should have nothing to do with it, they will talk because they are jealous of you! your money situation should remain private anyway.

  3. chika…you should do some your work when your working !!!!

    anyway back to your post….

    well actually..i don’t care…if my wife earns more than me..am sure she deserves it…and as long shes happy…am happy 🙂

  4. It’s ok if she earns more.. Men should not feel it’s shameful.. On the contrary i think they should be proud.. now everything is expensive and men cannot everything on their own, BOTH the man and the woman have to help to run the house..

  5. Is it luck? Is it better skills, better education? As long as the two of you love each other and have a partnership together, what does it matter who earns more? Does she like her work?

  6. Chika : Thanks Dear ! Yeah my increment is around the corner ! hope i will get good one

    Enigma : I take your advice , i will keep it secret from relatives ..

    Spikey : lol ! yeah chika do some work …
    My wife defenetly deserves … i’m sure .

    Amer : lol , i told you , i consider my self lucky anyways ..

    Amjad : LMAO ! yeah 50% or more hee hee .

    Shosho : oh , she is a huge help , i wouldn’t be where we are .i am really blessed beacuse of her.

    Intlxpat : she is Much more educated than i am , thats how and yeah she is kinda lucky and very dedicated to her work. And yes , she likes her work.

  7. Lol!

    U shudn’t be jealous. 😛 How come when a man earns more, the wife isn’t jealous.. yet is proud and happy for her husband, but when the wife earns more, the man shud be jealous and start feeling DRAMATIC?!

    I say chill. Continue with ur feeling proud for her and continue working hard and one day u’ll get a raise too. No need for competition and b.s. and let the “witches and bitches” focus on their OWN LIVES!

    Congrats for ur wife! 🙂

  8. “But what others will say , family circles is full of witches and bitches,
    Should i hide? I don’t know,”

    Why do you even want to tell those bwitches? I mean all they want to do is to freggin compare- just like they compare everythin else. They’re gonna go “Grey earns $X and his wife earns $X+x!” Seriously.. tell em to mind their own beeswax. It ain’t gonna help em in anyway. 🙂

    We have a couple of those parasites in my family too. Those gossip-monging, cockered flap-mouthed pumpions see themselves as an indispensable part of the family! Damn. Hon. Their mouths will never take a holiday. They need to be told to mind their own business and that’s when I come into the picture 😉

    Just tell em it ain’t any of their business. Don’t give them any leeway!

  9. Maya : First , i like the way you write,
    Like you said , i think i should move on and create my own family circle, now that AJ is born , i think its time to move on …and Thanks .

  10. You are so getting ready to make The Money!!! I would not be Jealous at all. I mean all, Saving some of that money that she is making, will help get my Nephew AJ, things later, Yes I made myself his auntie.. LOL!!!!

    Stay Happy For her, some men cannot handle it but I know you can..


  11. wait.. is your wife really earning more than you?

    i would be jealous! it’s the “man” who suppossed to be bringing home the bread!

    after all, if a woman can earn cash and have babies, what does she need men for?


  12. Aunt Ne: lool ! yeah , will try to save some of her money , but not possible right now .

    Jay : ROFLMAO , i agree ,but i love her so much , jealousy not possible.

    Mariposa: Yes i am dear .

  13. First of all, I found this post amusing, especially the way it ended with the song.

    Second, why does anyone have to know how much you or your wife makes?? Isn’t that a rude thing to ask someone?

  14. it doesnt matter man… best thing in life is if she starts earning enough for you to sit home and be lazy, sleep all day, while she works and brings in the money! yay!


    nah seriously man, it doesnt matter… youre both earning for the family, so it shouldnt matter. the more she earns, the better it is for both of you.

  15. Thanks love. Love the way you write too 🙂

    The pleasure is mine. All the very best- keep it coming (the writing) and oi.. kick their nasty arses 😛

  16. LOL @ jay’s comment 😀 😀 😀

    Even if you r feeling a little itsy bitsy jealous that’s normal and ok, as long as you don’t allow it to effect your love.

    I love the way you said you are proud of her…so cuuuuutttteeeee 😀

    Look at it this way Grey, if she is doing well at work it’s coz she’s got a great husband who provides the love, comfort and security a woman needs at home to think clearly at work. I know lots of intelligent educated woman who can’t excel at work coz of their demanding husbands/bfs.

    *awards Grey husband of the year award*

  17. Maya : Welcome, I sure did kick some arse , details later ..:D

    MP: Thanks * bows in honor* …I told my wife about the award and i am wordless to explain her expressions .. You made my day ! Big thanks.

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