Source Just type ‘is’ (space) and see what Americans are searching on a election year .
Orpha The Fertility goddess (?) or the Living Diety of USA ?

Justin Timberlake gets kicked in Nuts


9 comments on “Stupidities

  1. Shoush : I think she has approved it..

    Shosho : Neither i am , if i get a chance i’d kick him there for free.

    Chika : hee hee ! Sexy 😀

    Ne: 😛

    Ansam : lol ! i know !

    n: 😀

  2. Ammar : It will be fun if he pulls a Sarkozy … Be the President and then say i am Muslim and it’s my personal matter.
    I just can’t understand why it should be a big deal if the US president is Muslim or Hindu or Scientologist even.

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