Dining Families

Hey look at that ,
Where ?
Diniing Families,
What about it ?
I think the family’s spelling is wrong it says ‘fami-lies’,
You are crazy , Families is fine it is the ‘dinning’ that is wrong , they forgot to add a d,
Come on! Dining is OK , Families is wrong ,
Are you sure ?
I don’t know , let’s go home and look in the dictionary, but i’m sure something is wrong here , don’t know what , BTW this coffee is horrible , taste like piss .
How do you know ? Have you tasted piss?
.. … … …. lets go home.


12 comments on “Dining Families

  1. Now you got me wanting to shake it and check a dictionary too! As for piss, do you remember my question on how does pee taste!? 😉 so yeah, I would ask how does that person know ;)!

  2. 😛 No mistakes at all! 😛

    Well.. there’s one.. The name. I who would name a restaurant “Dining Families”? Nuh uh. That’s *so* wrong. They need prayers!

  3. Chika : lol ! thats why i have left a link for how piss tastes , how i know ? the secret goes with me to grave 😀

    SS: loool !

    Jay: 😀 ,

    Maya : Burger King. It is the burger King “dinning family’s”…

    Shosho : Good i was with family.

  4. OMF! :O I’m such a blonde! :O Sheesh! :O

    OMGGGG!! Its official- Burger King’s at the point of no return!! Run for your livesss y’all! :O

  5. …:(
    my brain gone bonkers..figuring outthe mistakes..so far dont know whats the mistake..apart from a vague sense of some mistakes :(((

  6. Maya : 😛

    N. : True , i think i should learn mobileblogging .. 😀

    Ammar: yep ! You are right , Dining for families …

    Fighter Jet : 😀 , it’s a direct transalation from Arabic … unable to explain to you… sowwy

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