Yiked at Apalled : A true story

Rayboy wrote about a “certain hospital” and it triggerd a whole lot of painful memories , thought i will never write about it. But truth is truth and as they say ” the truth shall set you free” . i am writing here something which is true . I write keeping God as my witness . May God be sever to me if i lied. This is something every Indian must read. ( it is a long post , forgive me )
We , Indian Expats in Kuwait have a Phobia , that is no doctor is good unless he is Indian, if we are able and can afford we run to the Indian Doctors , no matter how qualified they are or not. We are not to be blamed for this, the Govt clinic here do not have proper Doctors and yeah they are Egyptians (apologising to my Egyptian readers). We dont speak Arabic , they don’t speak English well . So when Drooley conceived we opted for private hospital and “YA” being the closest one we happily went there knowing it was run by Indian Doctors . When we were at the reception the clerk did ask us “which Doctor you want”?
We were like ” Anyone” ( as long as it was Indian )
So Drooley was given appointment to this particular Gynecologist ,Who herself was pregnant at that time. And while we waited we were all full of jokes and fun , a bundle of joy was in her womb and we were really exited about it,but our world crashed soon when the gyenac after sonar said that “there is a blood clot in the womb ‘and no matter what , drooley will have an abortion” . …….. I have no words to explain the pain and agony that we went through … the joy had gone and we cried for next two days , Drooley took leave from work , she hardly walked for the next three days fearing that any of her sudden movements will kill the fetus. On the third day we had an appointment again with the same doctor ( the doc asked us to see her again) , While we were tensed and dying inside she was so casual and cool , I asked “should drooley quit job and sit at home”? She said “no no ! Don’t quit job , but abortion is inevitable . This is very common . Don’t lose your job over this.”
We came home heart broken, Drooley was crying inconsolably, i had no words to sooth her anymore because i was heart broken completly ,

But God watches over you , isn’t it ?

That evening we received a phone call from a dear friend who told her own nightmares at the YA and how like us she had a Arabdoctorphobia and had been to YA ( same doctor). She had a fibroid in her uterus, and the Doctor without hesitation told her to remove her uterus . Like us her world had collapsed , what would a woman feel if her uterus was to be removed? But she took a second opinion in Hadi hospital and was diagnosed properly , and had the fibroid removed instead of the Uterus. She referred to us another Gynecologist at YA itself( who quit recently) and this Doctor was shocked to hear what her colleague had told us. Funny though the blood clot ‘the butcher’ had marked on the sonar was not a blood clot at all !!! From then it was a happy ending ,and my regular readers know how AJ was born healthy . Best part is my wife had enjoyed her pregnancy, A big thanks Dr RG.

But the nightmare was not over yet

Once the delivery was over at Sabah Hospital , Drooley developed some rashes on her thighs and legs were swollen . So once again we went to the trusted “Indian” Hospital . This time to a Dermatologist and after diagnosing and a urine test ( can you imagine a ‘still bleeding’ woman askd to do the urine test?) we were told that Drooley’s Kidney’s were failing and he had to put her on steroids . I was so crushed … i can still remember saying to my wife ” is this how our life will end?” . Drooley was in bits and pieces because she had just delivered a baby four days ago and her kidneys had failed??? . I told the doctor it is a huge decision to give steroids and we need time to decide and we came home .
I may look/sound stupid but God has blessed me with a good general knowledge , when i came home i googled ‘ epidural , swelling’ and walla there was the answer , Drooley was given ‘epidural’ during the delivery and the ‘Egyptians ‘ at the Sabah hospital had not told us the side effects of that , hence the swelling .

I don’t say YA in general is bad or all the Indian Doctors in Kuwait are bad , may be it was our bad luck or we visited some bad doctors or something like that but After a ” near abortion and a fatal Kidney failiure” we had enough of YA . We are not going there anymore . In my personal opinion as i told Rayboy “i’d rather take my wife to a ‘real’ butcher .

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14 comments on “Yiked at Apalled : A true story

  1. I would have lose my mind, I am glad that G-D tapped you on the shoulder and let you know this does not sound right! And that you listened.. How is Auntie Ne’s Pumpkin neway? tell him I say Howdy!! Stay Blessed…


  2. omg that is terrible!! that caused you alot of fake fear and sadness moments I want to kill those doctors!!!

    Healthcare is quite bad here I’m afraid even at the super rich hospitals.. those are just a show-offs.. we need proper care! Having my second boy in switzerland was a blessing!

  3. im glad , you brought this out. Its really important for the world to know. About whats happening here. The Ministry of Health should seriously look into such hospitals and their doctors before issuing licenses.

    I think like how the traffic departments check on cars every year. the MOH , should check on hospitals all the time.

    Im glad you brought out this event, i dont know how many others have suffered due to wrong diagnoises. People flock to Apollo thinking its like a INDIAN hospital, but they are really sad.

  4. Ne: We did lose our mind for a while , but yey ! G_D watches over you when it is unbearbable…

    Intlxpat : SO far so good , we have found a good pedi, he is old but good , God help us .

    Shosho : lol ! InshaAllah if even we will have a second baby it will not be in Kuwait for sure.

    Rayboy : I have even horrific stories to tell about Apollo but they are not mine ( yet authentic) they really have some butchers working for them … One of the first hand story is ‘ a woman was asked to abort at 7th month… becaise the husband stood strong they didn;t and delivered a healthy baby.. i’m not sure if they have sue’d the Doc or not ‘


    I don’t understand what it is doctors and med student. There’s so much of ego attached to the title and the freggin white coat. Seriously.. it just disgusts me. I mean come on- I’m a med student myself and watching alot of my classmates beam with pride and actually act superior to patients just pisses me off. Had to tell one off for getting irritated and giving this patient a freggin cold shoulder. Come on.. the lady’s house was on fire.. her young daughter was in it and got burnt. She wants to know how she’s doing and what her recovery status is!

    FUCK! Seriously. My blood’s starting to boil.. then there are doctors who’re least bothered about stuff. Some don’t even tie the surgical knot properly. Some go out and smoke while they’re on duty and scream at the patient. They then gather and gossip! Whatever happened to the doctor-patient confidentiality?! WTF happened to the Hippocratic Oath?!

    – “and if he is in need of money to give him a share of mine”
    – “I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.”
    – “Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice”
    – What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself, holding such things shameful to be spoken about.”

    I thank God for guiding you. Don’t lose faith in the medical community- there are some decent doctors out there. Yes, loads of indecent ones but I trust that the same Lord who holds up the 9 planets as I’m typing this and as you read this continues to guide you… inshallah 🙂

    **huggles* Your kid is one heck of a looker. Loads of gurls are gonna run after him, lol. Mashallah 🙂 Wow.. what an experience huh?

  6. Maya: My eyes are wet ! Must be the dust he he ! In Kuwait Doctors don’t care for patients… i’ll tell you another story .. when AJ was born , they put him in incubator .. although AJ was born 3.8KG it was a surprise for us why they put him in the incub.. and no one at the ward tell us why ? after 3 days of running back and forth i broke down in the hospital and cried like a ‘woman’ … and then some one came and read the case sheet and said that the baby had neonatal Jaundice …it took them 4 days to say that. My mom and Sis are nurse by proffesion and their down to earth kindness towards the patients is what confused me , i was expecting the doctors and nurses to be the same everywhere , i was wrong …. lessons learnt the hard way .
    Thank God for future doctors like you, an Oath is an Oath , once you swear keeping God as your witness unless God stop existing it should bind. Defenetly some doctors are Godless for sure.

  7. am a regular visitor of Appolo ( unfortunately) cos my wife is has serious health issues related to her uterus.. so we do visit atleast twice a month for check up, infact i knew from the day one that most of the doctors are not well trained?? or else they wudn’t b here wasting thier life in this desert! cos i have seen super rich doctors back home who earns more then these NRI doctors.. but we doesnt have any other choice other then visit them and spend huge bucks for routine scan/blood/urine test and uniqe medicines which r only available at the clinic attached to that hospital!! am consulting another doc in pedi section for my son…once i visited a different doctors cos our regular doctor was on leave.. this guy badmothed our regular doctor and told looooots of stuffs!! i must say it was worst then cheap Gossipssss…i wonder how they became professional doctors with out having any work ethics !! But most of the indians like me who visits appolo thinking that we can atleast communicate with them and they wud atleast understand wat we r trying to say..

  8. Ashes : Man ! if you love your wife stop going there , i’d suggest you go to Dr Rajni Gupta at the Dar Al Shifa in Hawally.
    Please let me know which Pedi at apallo ? Cz i’m still taking AJ there .

  9. Me a friend of ray & Zee
    Me taking my little one to Dr. Mishra in Apollo, ….so far ok!
    ….just a hint….dont go to Dr. R**** (this doctor gives different medicines for trial purposes….my own little baby had got an overdose of antibiotics at age – 2 months, and we were desperate….then somebody in my office told me GO TO DR. MISHRA and he gave another medicine (not antibiotics) and my little baby was much better…..Thanks to Dr. Mishra

  10. I know you've posted this a long time back. So sorry for bringing it up again. The thing is I am pregnant now and am looking for good doctors here. I know you've recommended Dr. Rajni. What I wanted to know was is the hospital D-Al-S good. Was it there your wife delivered. Or as long as the doctor's good it doesn't matter where. Do you know of any other good doctors gynecologists here in kuwait. Again thanks for your post. It helped a lot.

  11. Hey anon ! My wife delivered at the Govt hospital, a lot of people told us not to go to private (as they C-Section for more money) . anyways what you could do is put up a question in Indiansinkuwait.com (forums) I'm sure many will suggest a good Gyny . I wish you good health and a healthy baby.
    God Bless.

    Remember – In Kuwait… always take a second opinion.

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