Too nice or Stupid ?

So its Salary day , time pay AJ’s nanny . Old lady from my native Indiastan . We call her Ammama ( grandma). She takes good care of AJ. She started during the second week of January. So on pay day , after calculation her pay turns out to be 57KD . Now i didnt have change so i pay her KD60 and ‘told’ her , ” Your salary amounts to KD57… you ‘owe’ me KD3″ . I don’t know if she heard or may be i was not loud enough she kept the money, i don’t think she knows that she owes me KD3 and i am too shy to ask her because she treats us like her children … washed my hands for three dinar.

My Darling Uncle ( who brought me to Kuwait ) took loan from me before going to Indiastan. In fact he had asked me to buy some gadgets like PSP and a Nokia Mobile and it summed up to 165KD and he promised to pay me back once he returened and true to his promise he called me to take the money, i went to him , he gave me a bundle of money

” Count” he said.

I said ” Did you Count?”

He said ” Yes , 161″ …

I was like ” uh ! OK ” .

Like i said he is my Darling so i couldn’t be botherd with 4KD .

So there goes KD7 in one day because i am tooooooooooo nice or tooooooo stupid. Does this happen to you ? or i am the only one ?


5 comments on “Too nice or Stupid ?

  1. You are nice guy! I think that is all that is needed to be said here… Plus she is good to my Nephew, I may send her some change, if she keeps it up!

    Shalom & Ahava

  2. Chika : On my way to 3 dinars … 😀

    Shosho : yes i think i was shy to ask them …

    Rose : Yes ! i always belive that.

    Ne: *sending her bank account * … Thanks ! Sweet kisses from AJ

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