The Day after Tomorrow – Avenues Mall

Yesterday i was at “The Avenue’s Mall” . The most happening place in Kuwait. It’s been a while i have been there. And as always even at lame hours the mall is crowded. Not neccessarily everyone was buying, but unlike other malls of Kuwait of late , Avenues gets enormous crowd. And OMG ! almost every shop has a SALE sign board. Which makes Avenue’s look even more elegant. Some of the shops have gone one step ahead ” Most of the item’s 6KD or less”. Some of you shopoholics may scream ‘OMG OMG’ !
To shoppers it’s a feast to their eyes to see signs like these, but the way i see it ….”desperation” of the retailers . What makes a retailer slash prices to that extent ?. The answer is, It’s no secret anymore that not all the shops are doing well in Avenue’s. The ‘smaller’ brands are already facing the heat. Friend of mine who works for a Real Estate Co says that some shops are already up for sale in the ‘first phase’. I wonder what will happen when the second phase opens ( By June?) and word is that Avenue’s has alloted space in second phase to some of the major Retailers from Dubai, so it’s a whole new ball game then. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the brands went extint in Avenue’s by the end of the year. In fact I’d wait like a vulture to buy some of the goodies for less than KD2 ( as it happend with ‘Veromoda/Tommy Hilfigure in Marina ).
Avenues is massive , but the massiveness is a curse for the retailers. Although I being a healthy person, don’t feel like venturing much far away from where i have parked. I’m sure i am not the only one who feels this way. And when giants like “Mall of Kuwait” & Kuwait 360″ lurking just around the corner to open doors ( with in 3 years ) Avenues’ will face the fate of Marina Mall , Soug Sharq & Fanar Complex . But i hope unlike Marina Mall which recently increased the rent steeply despite of the fact that on some days some of the shops don’t even make KD10 a day ( true ) , The Avenues management will be wise enough to be retailer friendly .
Picture Courtesy – Kuwait

12 comments on “The Day after Tomorrow – Avenues Mall

  1. hmmm! The way I see it is that all the malls you mentioned are rarely empty… I was at the Avenues Fri morning and it was kinda empty but got crowded by the time I left… This is the business in Kuwait! LOL Kuwaitis LOVE food, LOVE cafes, and LOVE malls! But I also see what you mean by the fierce competition! Its getting me excited for some reason LOL

    -can you tell that I am having side effects due to my sickness?-

  2. You Answered it … Kuwaitis LOVE food, LOVE cafes, and LOVE malls” .. The foodcourt is doing fine ,in fact exellent … it is the retail industry that is suffering … more and more malls are coming up but the population is same. Other than Avenues all the malls are having less footfall because the crowd is being shifted to Avenues , and once Mall of Kuwait will open you will see the difference .

  3. I don’t care what country, state or city I am in I am going to find a mall, and SALES! I would go bankrupt!

    BTW, that link you sent me.. Loved it!, That is the kind of love I am talking about!


  4. omg your right lool guess my heart was breaking when i saw some shops were sale but i was broke 😦 u knw its rare to see some sales here .

  5. will i agree with ansam too ,, beside what can you do here in kuwait,mmmm cinema , restaurant , caffee , malls caffes again ,,, ambee nothing else…

  6. Ansam totally true Food, cafes and malls…
    Avenues in the morning on weekdays is nice.. but what up with those old retired men (drinking coffe, smoking and sunglasses on) oggling the young girls??? (and commenting too.. we3)
    And as for the size.. in the states the malls are huge only difference, the floors aren’t as slippery!! Problem with the Avenuse.. slippery floors :$

  7. The price slashing is for the Shopping Festival that’s going on (or going to happen) u know for Hala February.

    And yeah Kuwaitis love malls especially ones filled with cafes and restaurants.

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