I was robbed at knife point .

I was at the Meat shop to buy Indian mutton, The Butcher wieged one KG of mutton and i paid him instantly , asked him to chop it fine ,Biriyani size. While the butcher was chopping the (pre paid) mutton i got busy watching England VS NewZealand 20/20 cricket match on his TV. Dimitri Mascarenhas hit a massive six , i was all cheers for the England team , while i was cheering for England ( i could be stoned for this in India ) i could see from my Peripheral view the butcher pushed a big piece of (pre paid) meat under the table, WTF ?. The Butcher stole my meat . Fuck !! Since he is holding the knife i just shoved my tail under my legs and came home without uttering a word.
Now i know why buthers shops have TV . Next time i will be careful.
No whining is complete without some curses , “May your hands grow smaller and #$#%# “…. i’m not getting words … help ! anyone ?
Sorry about the title .. 😀

9 comments on “I was robbed at knife point .

  1. Oh GreY, that is so depressing when it happens. You might want to say “Oh, I want that scrap you set aside to give to my dog!” or something, but you have to do it with a big smile, so he can save face AND he knows YOU know he stole it.

    In the old days, he could have lost a hand for doing that, or his head. Cheating a customer was one of the worst things you could do. We know he will pay in the afterlife. Also, if you are a cheater, then you live always in fear of being cheated.

  2. If that happened here in Canada the butchers shop would be closed and you’d have a bunch of money after you sued him.

    I guess I know where you’re next big move is huh?

    I’ll let you live with me if you do the cooking. Biryiani? Dood. I LOVE Indian food. We don’t have many Indian restaurants around here though 😦

  3. It’s nice of you to put AJ’s photo…cute!

    Oh…pls, next time complain…subtly…despite the knife!

    Wow, this is the second time I have read a post here about bad business there!

  4. Chika: May be he collects from everyone to make more money , It happend near my house in Salmiya ,

    Intlxpat:I had to give him the benifit of doubt, obiously he would have denied … I don’t know if he will pay but he surely lost a customer

    Mike : lol ! it;s strange no one sues no one here,people kinda avoid lawyers for some reasons … And Someday i will open my biriyani restaurant in your town( if the lawyers approve my Visa application ):P

    Mariposa:Thanks , i need to get a Digital camera for better clarity
    and yeah , it’s a real dog eat dog world here!

  5. Wimp! You should have told him about it! It’s not fair, now he’ll do it all the time, and to others as well.

    U should have told him (from a distance). If he starts to get scary, RUN.

  6. Angelo :Yeah ! i should do that anymore … thanks 😀

    This Lady : lool ! i liked the RUN part ! Imagine running from the butcher because ‘the butcher stole from you’ … he he ! I boycott him, he lost a customer and also i am bad mouthing him with neigbours , so more people will stop going to him … ” i’m on a mission” 😀

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