Pride comes before fall.

Once up on a time not long ago , i ate Dal fry almost everyday, i mean atleast 20 days a month, not because i like Dal , but out of poverty, and debt. Although folks back home thought NRI’s pluck money out of tree’s i was in bad condition and Jobless . Dal being the cheapest pulses, was the ideal staple to sustain my debt ridden days. Good old days (not) .
Well times have changed, i am debt free at this moment . Ammama prepared Dal fry yesterday and i burst out ” Do i look like a cow to eat Dal twice in a week”
Pride comes before fall …. this has happened before , the reason for my downfall was my stupid pride … i hope i am wiser this time .
Eating Thursday’s Dal today ! * mooooooo * *Moooooo *
By GreY Posted in me

7 comments on “Pride comes before fall.

  1. when I fall in love with a dish, I can have it everyday until I get really bored with it & can’t even look at it anymore:p

  2. I love indian dal recipe too, I ask about it whenever I go to the hospital’s cafeteria, and when I do, I make all the Indian people happy =D oooh,, you like spicy food?!
    come on =p

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