Series of Unfortunate events .

Shoshopost about series of unfortunate events made me laugh , triggering my own flashback of my own ‘series of unfortunate events’ . May be every one should write about their series of unfortunate events .it will be fun…He goes my event..

Age 15 , total jack ass that i am , spent most of my summer fishing in ponds and streams, as the summer was at it’s peak and water drying up it was easy to catch fish as water recedes and it’s fun to play in muddy waters to escape from the heat. So one day we (friends) were at this pond, ‘catching fish’, and when i say catching fish it is by bare hands, we used to put hands in the holes and catch the fish . Grandma used to like pond fish because it tastes better than the regular sea fish.
Back to the event … So, I put my hand in the wall crack, felt something, I screamed to my friends … “I got one, I got one … its huge”.. All my friends turned their attention towards me anxiously waiting for me to bring out the catch.. So I start to pull … and pull.. And pull…. and…. …. It was a small WATER SNAKE … I can’t remember how I got rid of the snake or how many seconds it took me to get out of the pond but I’m sure I had put Superman to shame in the process. I was so quick, super fast … so were my friends even quicker.
Well that was the last time i ever caught fish with my bare hands even the dead one’s.

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7 comments on “Series of Unfortunate events .

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOL @ your ana mumbayeeeee LOOOOOOL!! If I ever sniff a snake or catch it – that is while am concious, I would die! I does the tag later on 😉

  2. I am glad i inspired you heheh!!

    that is brave catching fish with bare hands sound like fun! I have always wanted to go to the amazon. I love nature although I am scared of some animals lol!!

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