I have a date

I have a date today, from7.30am to 6PM , not with a girl, but with my 50 days old son AJ. Drooley, my wife has resumed to work and Ammama our maid is at the Hospital as her Hubby is under going angioplasty. She will be back to work tomorrow if all goes well. So me and my ‘Big Boy’ are home alone, i have been told to feed him at regular intervels, check/change diapers if he cries, wash if he poops and give sponge bath at 12PM ( that’s going to be some fun) anyway now that he is sleeping i just thought of blogging about it ….
Wish me luck
and also need your prayers for the well being of Ammama’s husband.
By GreY Posted in AJ

11 comments on “I have a date

  1. wow thats fun dad!! you make me think think and think again that do i want to get married @@

    I am sure you will have good time as long as he doesn’t cries πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks guys ! but Ammama came back at 1PM cz ‘ the doctor didn’t arrive to the operation theator” so i have another date with my son next week … but i hope i will get some extra help then.

  3. Cat : i thought the same, but i have ‘ good Son’

    Chimerical : No it wasn’t , we slept most of the time , he he !

    Amethyst: Thanks Dear, i sure will tell Ammama that my friends are praying for her husband.

    Fa6ma: The Operation was postphoned because the hospital didn’t have enough beds it seems… so it will be next sunday

    Ne: Late Lathif ! ( kidding ) ..thanks

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