Son of a …..

OK finally i stopped using stat counter and opted for google analytics.. figured out by myself how to attach the codetag and had it running . It is new to me so i was checking the contents of it and there was a shocker i can’t belive my effing eyes that people are so perverted they search for such disgusting things ..

And yeah about the average time spent on my blog … google has apologised for the error and will be fixing it soon ( bleh ) .. he he !

By GreY Posted in wtf

10 comments on “Son of a …..

  1. I’m gonna try that! Although I know I don’t have much traffic coming to my blog, but hell, I have nothing better to do =p

    And by the way, why are you shocked about it? LOL

  2. There are so many perverts out there, especially online, that I decided to stop posting pictures of my son when he turned one. I regret having his picture on my blog for a lot of reasons, but the fact that a pervert could end up on my blog and …. well, you know. Sad, isn’t it?

  3. Fa6ma : πŸ˜› try it , its fun ..

    Ne: real foul !

    Stinni : Even i regret for posting pictures of my son now, any more i won’t. Not after this..

    Rianne : this one is a shocker..

    Amu : πŸ˜› Try it , its fun , really

  4. I’m going to try that as well. I’m pretty sure that the subjects i’ve blogged about will reveal some interesting results, for sure.

    I’m hoping no babies fucked in the water though, that’s just perverted.

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